Happy New Year Wishes 2021 A keyword worth Targeting

Happy New Year Wishes

Happy New Year Wishes.

After the year 2020, everyone is eagerly waiting for year 2021 and we all are excited to say Happy New Year to everyone. This is going to be a big opportunity for event bloggers to work hard and achieve some benefits from the keyword Happy New Year Wishes. Every year thousands of event blogger put their best wishes to rank on Happy New Year Wishes which is an amazing keyword with huge search volume.

Today I was going through this keyword and did a small analysis on Ubersuggest and look what it gave me as results.

The keyword Happy New Year has a massive search volume of 3,68,000 however, Happy New Year Wishes has 74,000 search volume. This massive search volume is enough for an event blogger target this keyword.

Earlier, I have shared few SEO Tricks to make your event successful. You can type Event Blogging Tips and you will get the blog on 1st position.

It’s ranking on 1st because of the quality information I have shared about Event Blogging.

Today, I am going to share some tips and tricks to target New Year Event and achieve ranks on Happy New Year Wishes and Happy New Year keywords.

Tips to Target the keyword

Let’s have a quick look on tips and tricks to target the right keyword for your event.

Keyword Tools

To find a right keyword, you need to invest good amount of time in research and use various platforms to collect keyword data. You can consider following tools

  • Google Keyword Planner
  • Keyword.io
  • Ubersuggest
  • Moz keyword explorer
  • Soovle
  • QSR (Quoted Search Result)
  • Ahref keyword explorer
  • Keywords Everywhere

Every tool is different from each other and the more you research, the better data you will get. Let’s take few examples here.

Ubersuggest tool

Ubersuggest is a great tool for conducting keyword research, especially when you have plans to target keywords with huge search volume. The best thing I like about ubersugget is, it’s filters. You can simply filter the keywords and choose between Suggestions, Related, Questions, Prepositions and Comparison.

This tool make your life easier while conducting research on keywords and pick the right keyword for your event.

Keywords Everywhere

Most important feature of this tool is exact search volume. You can get the exact monthly searches by using Keywords Everywhere and the suggestions on right hand side box are bang on target. It provides amazing data in keywords suggestion box.

Keyword Research Platforms

New Year is always a big event because it’s not limited to any state, region or country. It’s a worldwide event where billions of people say Happy New Year to each other and look for Happy New Year Wishes over internet. There are millions of New Year offers run by companies and there is so much to see during new year week. While looking for the right keyword and working on it, collecting data from different keywords tool is good but taking help of additional internet platforms is always and additional step which helps in keyword research.

Here I am talking about some internet platforms which shows us something more than keyword search volume. Let’s take an example of Google Trends.

Google Trends is a platform where you can see the search trends along with keyword search volume. It’s a great tool to understand the event trends. You can compare the trends with previous year and can even collect the keyword trend data for different countries. You can understand the search trends for different countries which helps you to generate the content according to your target audience.

For example, if you are targeting Indian audience for new year and your focus keyword is Happy New Year Wishes, then you might add New Year Wishes in Hindi, Hindi New Year, New Year wishes Hindi and many more keywords in your list. But make sure to see the trend for these searches and always keep the search volume in your mind while picking up such keywords. Now let’s move on to the next step.

Content for your targeted keyword

Once you are done with your research, now it’s time to come to the most critical part. Yes, I am talking about content creating. While we generate content for any blog or web page, there are few basic things which we need to keep in our mind.

  1. Content Originality
  2. Interesting content
  3. Write for your users not for search engines
  4. Do not feed keywords unnecessarily in your blog posts
  5. Content Representation

If you have plans to target such a big event, you cannot copy your content from here and there. You need to focus on creating original content for your event. Happy New Year Wishes is already a heavy keyword with huge search volume. You will find a lot of big websites generating content for this keyword. If you want to be in SERP, you need original content.

While generating content, you need to focus on quality and keep the interest alive. Your content should not look monotonous. Always put the reader first while generating any sort of content for your blog or web page. Search engines will automatically pick your blog post if you have maintained the quality of content.

You are not supposed to write for search engines so do not over optimise your blog with unnecessary keyword stuffing. Use the keyword where it is required. And finally, represent your content in a better way. For this you can use HTML elements such as:

  • Headings
  • Bullet Points
  • Images
  • Table
  • Font formatting (Bold, Underline and Italic along with highlighted area and text colors)

Use the elements wisely to represent your content.

FAQ’s – Happy New Year Wishes

Hope these tips would help you to target the keyword Happy New Year Wishes and let you en cash the opportunity. I believe if you follow the tips, you can make your event successful. Keep exploring TheSEOGuy for more Latest SEO Tips and SEO Tricks.

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Inbound Marketing Strategy for your Business

Inbound Marketing

Inbound Marketing is an interesting topic to talk about this week. Hope you like the previous week article on set up site search where I explained a practice of Google Analytics settings to track every search made by users on your site. Today, I would like to talk about Inbound Marketing. We will learn some insights of Inbound Marketing and benefits of it. Also I will try to share some case studies and best practices which could help you in designing better Inbound Marketing Strategies for your Business.

These Inbound Marketing Principles would help you to understand the process. So before getting into the tips and tricks let’s understand what actually inbound marketing is and how it works.

Inbound Marketing

According to Wikipedia, Inbound marketing is a technique of content marketing which includes social media marketing and Search Engine Optimization along with Branding to drive customers towards products and services. It is simply a method of enhancing your content to attract a stranger, Convert it into a regular user, Close the conversion and Enjoy the success. We are living in a customer driven market where it’s important to stay one step ahead of competition. You can not stand out of the crowd if you don’t have a better marketing strategy for your business.

This is a great method for achieving your goals. Every buyer or potential buyer has enough information about the product or service. There are thousands of internet platforms available where they could find relevant information. In this situation, it is very hard to beat the competition and achieve growth.

Basic Principles of Inbound Marketing

While practicing different marketing strategies and methods, I have collected few insights of Inbound Marketing and given below are few basic principles of Inbound Marketing which could help you to deliver the best outcomes and achieve your goals.


It’s very important for every business to reach out to maximum number of people and attract the right audience for their business. More likely attracting customers is the first step for any business. In order to start with this, you should have a website which is well optimized. It should be easy to use and have capability to represent your content in a good manner. You have to work on your website SEO. You could either do it yourself or hire a Digital Marketing Expert. Website should have industry keywords, accurate meta data, Headers, Pointers, right images and videos.

Content Creation

You can only optimize your website if you have relevant content available on it. Creating meaningful content which is related to your industry would help visitors to stay on your website. Sharing real time case studies would be the best options to generate meaningful content. Your web visitors are more interested in your achievements and the way you have achieved it.
Another good options of creating neat and useful content are:

  • Blog posts about Industry Trends
  • Writing answers for Frequently Asked questions
  • Creating Video on industry topics
  • Creating set of How to Steps

Use of Social Media

Before talking about Social Media let’s have a quick look over worldwide digital population as of July 2020. Given below are the numbers in billions till month of July 2020.

Source: Statista.com
  • Active Internet users: 4.57 Billions
  • Unique Mobile Internet Users: 4.17 Billions
  • Active Social Media Users: 3.96 Billions
  • Active Mobile Social Media Users: 3.91 Billions

There is a huge number of people using social media. If you can use social media correctly, you have opportunities to achieve new heights. According to Hubspot, 80% of marketers & 60 % of sales professionals have found qualified leads on social media. Creating social media content such as infographics and posts would really help you to achieve positive numbers. However, sharing your web content such as blogs and promotional offers on social media is highly recommended.

Work Towards Conversion

Once a prospect lands on a site, the goal is to convert them into a lead. To be able to to convert them into a lead, it is important to have a call to action such as: click here to get this ebook free. Once the prospect clicks on the the call to action button, they will be directed to a landing page where they will get more information on the ebook. At this point prospects will be asked to enter their name and email address. Once this occurs, they will be directed to a thank you page.

Whenever a user lands on your website, you never know whether the user has potential of buying or not but one thing you could do is, prepare your website keeping your conversion goals in mind. You could follow the basic rules of generating leads.

  • Implementing call to Action Button
    • Having call to action buttons are important to make it easy for visitors to generate query easily. You could place buttons such as Call Back, make a Call, Contact Here, request a demo or make an inquiry. You could enable tracking on these buttons using Google Tag Manager and see which button is performing and helping in generating leads. According to performance, you could switch the button placements.
  • Landing Pages
    • Whenever user clicks on a link or button, it lands on a page. Make sure the page you design should have all the elements which can convert a user into potential buyer. Place the button on page and help user to under what to do. It should be action oriented not instructions like click here or visit here. As you can see in this blog, there is a form which says contact us. All you need to do is, fill this form and hit send. Landing pages are your digital sales representatives which are designed to convert users into leads. Also, you could collect user information by using landing pages.
  • Implementing forms
    • Forms are important as it works as a bridge between sales and enquiry. You should design the form according to your event or promotional offer. Pro Tip: Ask for necessary information only instead of full details. If it is a call back form, then asking for mobile number is enough. Create form of two columns only for this. However, if it is a product enquiry, you could add the relevant fields but make sure to make an easy to fill form.
  • Thank you Pages
    • Greeting your visitor with a Thank you message leaves a good impression. It also helps you in tracking the conversion. You could use thank you page to share additional information about your product or services with users. It is obvious if someone has made a purchase on your website, he is interested in your product and services. If you are showing additional services on thank you page, you are showing his interest items. Use this as an opportunity and take out the best of it.


At the final stage, sending an email after completing the conversion is important and is highly recommended. People check their emails regularly and emails could help you to generate better brand awareness. By sending an email, you can also delight your customers. Email is also one of the most economical options of attracting users. Emails would add very less cost in your marketing budget.

This is what I have learnt about inbound marketing during these many years. If you have insights to add then feel free to comment below. I will be more than happy to feature the additional information.

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Virtual Visiting cards on Google Search

introducing people cards

Virtual Visiting Card

Google always come up with out of the box solutions for users. Today we would like to share an interesting feature of Virtual Visiting Cards. Yes, you heard it right. Google launches Virtual Visiting Cards on Google Search. On August 11 2020, Google shared an update on it’s official Google Blog and told users about People Cards.

People cards are basically the virtual visiting cards which any users can create of themselves. Earlier we have seen such cards for famous personalities i.e. Film Actors, Actresses, Athletes, Politicians and Businessmen. We could say that this feature was only limited for well known personalities. We all have seen such information in knowledge panels (Google Business Box) which appears on right hand side of Google SERP page. For example

introducing people cards virtual visiting card on serp launched by google
introducing people cards virtual visiting card on serp launched by google on august 11 2020

This information is collected from different trusted sources. But have you ever wondered what happens when you search for your own name? What search result would appear for people know are not famous or have you ever tried searching for your name on google? If yes, then you could understand it’s very hard for search engines to collect the right information and show quality results. It’s because there are so many people with similar names and it’s hard to select which one is the right answer for search query.

If you are a famous personality over internet and looking build or boost your online presence, you might already have social media profile, website and reference articles or websites from where users could get information about you and your work and achievements. But if you are willing to start fresh, you might not have these options available with you.

With the new Virtual visiting cards, google is going to solve this problem for users. These People Cards would help an individual to start fresh and create an identity over internet. It is going to be your virtual visiting card in which you could add your skills, education, work, website and social media profiles.

How to create virtual visiting card

Creating a virtual visiting card is simple. All you need to do is follow given below basic steps.

  1. Open Browser
  2. Login to your Gmail account
  3. Now open Google
  4. Type “Add me to search” You may also type https://www.google.com/search/contributions/profile make sure you are logged in while visiting the link. It will land you on your profile page. But it mostly work for people who have contributed in Google Q&A.
  5. And tap on the prompt
  6. Fill your details i.e. Workplace, social media profiles, website (if you have one), education details
  7. Click on Save and you are done.

The best part about these virtual visiting cards is, you can delete them whenever you want. It’s totally up to you whether you want to keep your virtual visiting card or not.

This card will help people to find the right person while searching online. It will be an additional help from google to millions of influencers, self-employed individuals, entrepreneurs, freelancers and anyone who want to seem himself on search engines.

Hope this would be an opportunity for individuals to get a quick identity over internet and showcase their skills.

Pro tip: Use the virtual business card in a right manner. Follow the content guidelines for Virtual Visiting Cards before creating one for yourself. Here are the google guidelines for Virtual Visiting Cards.

I hope this information on Virtual Visiting card would make a difference and useful piece of content for you. If you have any feedback or suggestion for this information, then do comment below. Keep exploring TheSEOGuy for more latest SEO tips and SEO Tricks. Stay tuned and stay updated with digital marketing trends and digital marketing tips.

Google Analytics Search Terms – Set up site search

Google Analytics Search Terms – Set up site search

Google Analytics Search Terms

Google analytics is one of the most powerful tools for digital marketers. It is an essential part of marketing which can help you in many ways. It gives you data and insights which could help you to develop marketing strategies accordingly. You could get the reports, user data, define goals, track search terms, understand audience, real time users, age of users, time of sessions, session duration and much more.

Frankly, I spent a lot of time in analytics reports to understand what goes wrong and what is right for my website when it comes to create performance matrix. I develop marketing strategies and campaigns after studying the data and reports available in Google Analytics. Today we are going to talk about Google Analytics Search Terms. It is a practice to set up site search and collect the data of search terms used by website visitors to find a product or service while exploring the website.

Yes you got it right, here we are talking about the search option on website. Most of you have seen the search box on different portals. It is for users who are looking for any particular product or service. Let’s take an example of my blog TheSEOGuy.

On my Blog the search bar is available on right hand side menu of every blog post.

site search box
site search box

You can simply write anything in search box and get the results. But there are some benefits of tracking all these searches. Let’s quickly move on to the interesting part and understand the site search before learning google analytics site search setup process.

Site Search

Site search is a practice to understand your user behaviour. It is a great way of identifying what your site visitors are looking in a website. It helps to collect the data of searched keywords on a website which helps to identify the scope of improvement. It is one of the important factors for ecommerce platforms such as Amazon, Alibaba, Snapdeal, Flipkart, Myntra and Limeroad. These are few most commonly used ecommerce platforms where site search played an important role in understand user need by collecting the user search data on website. Let’s take an example of Alibaba here.

searched term in website search box

As you can see in above image, the website has a search bar for users who are looking for product or services. I have written “Digital marketing” and it gave me suggestions such as :

It’s important for website owners to understand what users are typing in search bar and what kind of product or services they are looking for. By enabling Site Search on web, we can do it easily. We can track the user queries which they have written in search bar. On the basis of collected data, you can easily identify which is the favorite product or service of your website users.

It seems that site search is important only for ecommerce where people deliberately type and search products or services. But it is equally important for every website which has search bar on available. Everyone deserves to know what users are looking for.

Now time to move on to the interesting stuff. Let’s learn how to enable site search in Analytics. This practice is called Google Analytics Search Terms.

Set up Google Analytics Search Term

Setting up site search using Google Analytics is easy. All you need to do is follow the basic instructions below.

  • Open Google Analytics
  • Go to Admin
  • Click on View Settings
Img set up site search steps - view settings
  • Scroll Down and look for “Site Search Tracking”
  • Enable the option and enter the search parameter
  • Site search tracking jpg
  • Click on Save

Now important thing to keep in mind while setting up site search. As you can see in the image that you could use up to five parameters so always test the parameters before entering them.

Search Parameters

Every website has different query strings and search parameters which you can test manually. Search parameters are the URL parameters which you might have seen on different websites. For example, whenever users search anything on my website, their queries are usually included in the URL.

If you use search box at my blog TheSEOGuy and search Latest SEO Tips, you see S (my blog’s query parameter) followed by your query:


You can refer the given below screenshot for the same.

search query for keyword latest seo tips

Strip Queries

While setting up the site search, you would see an option of “Strip query parameters out of URL”. This option is to strip the query parameters out and show the search only. For example, while checking up the search data in Behaviour > Site Search> it will show up like this /?s=latest+seo+tips but if we have enabled the option of strip query parameters out of URL then it will remove the query parameters and show the keyword only “Latest SEO Tips”. You can Learn more about Strip Queries here.

Where to find Site searches in Analytics

Once you are done with setup, you could check all the searched terms which people have used while searching for your products or services. For this you can follow given below steps.

  • Open Google Analytics
  • Go to Behavior from left hand side menu
  • Click on Site Search
  • Select “Search Terms”

Set the date range according to your need and you will get all the search terms data in front of you.

Hope this information on setting up site search would help you to enable site search for your website. You may share your feedback on this information by commenting below. If you have any questions from us then do let us know. You could use our Contact Page to reach out to us.

Stay tunes for more amazing information on Digital Marketing. You will learn about SEO Tricks and much more. Keep Exploring TheSEOGuy for Latest SEO Tips and Tricks.

YouTube SEO tips 2020: Rank Videos on Top

YouTube SEO

In order to rank videos on top, you must know YouTube SEO. It is a method which can boost your performance within the platform and help you to gain better ranks and can bring more views and engagements on your YouTube Channel. Today we are going to learn about YouTube SEO. I will share few steps and tools to perform SEO for YouTube Videos.

Before getting into tips and tricks, first we need to know about the ranking factors so that we could work according to them.

Social Engagement

Social engagement is form of any type of engagement such as Video comments, Subscribers, Social Shares, Likes/Dislikes, CTR (Click through Rate) and recommendations.

Video Comments

Being a content marketer, it’s not easy for you to make everyone happy. You will see both positive and negative comments on your videos. But you need to understand the importance of it and use it for your betterment. But what if there are no user comments or lesser user comments on your videos? In this situation you need to work hard and encourage people to comment on your videos. Later in this article we will learn about the techniques by which we can make users to comment on videos.


All YouTube channel owners want subscribers on their channel. Apart from asking people to subscribe to your channel there are few methods which could follow to gain subscribers and improve engagement on your channel.

Social Shares

If your videos are being shared by people, it drives great engagement on your videos and channel. It is one of the major factors in YouTube rankings.

Likes and Dislikes

Likes and dislikes are core engagement factors and also helps videos to rank within the platform. These are considered as best engagement metrics for any YouTube video and can help in improving rankings.

CTR (Click through Rate)

Click through rate in YouTube is based on number of times people got the videos on search results divided by number times people click on it to watch. You could improve your CTR by having compelling titles and thumbnails. Choose something that makes your result stand out from the rest.


It is similar to shares by instead of social media platforms; it is done on specific platform or personality. For example, if your video is recommended by celebrity or authorized authority, then engagement break records for your videos.

All these are Social Engagement ranking factors. Let’s move on to next factor which is:

Length of Video

Length of video is important according to your targeted audience and channel category. It is also a good ranking factor. A good length of video would give you better response. According to a study conducted by Backlinko, “The average length of a first page YouTube video is 14 minutes, 50 seconds.”

Video Length

This is the average time of most ranked videos. As I said earlier, you could adjust your video length according to targeted audience. For example, if you are planning to create tutorial videos, then it should be of good length with easy steps to learn. However if you want to attract audience who are looking for quick tips then the length of video should not be long.

video length cooking tips

Keyword Research for YouTube Videos

Keywords play an important role in any form of SEO. While working for YouTube SEO, you need to put maximum efforts to collect best keywords for your videos. In order to conduct keyword research, first you need to set an AIM and find keywords according to it. There are few common things which you need to keep in your mind while doing keyword research for your YouTube videos.


Target the relevant keywords which can describe your videos. Do not choose the keywords on the basis of search volume. Always keep quality in your mind and pick the best keywords which are relatable to your YouTube videos. Let’s take an example of TheSEOGuy. At my platform I provide digital marketing services and I am based out in Delhi. If I would ever create a video, then my focus keywords would be “Digital marketing Services”. In order to find more relevant keywords based on this, I will use YouTube search feature i.e.

relevant keywords

These are the actual search terms used by people while looking for content on YouTube.


It’s nearly impossible to find zero competition on YouTube because whatever you do, you have to deal with competition. Apart from analysing competition in keyword planner tool, I try to collect data from direct competitors by analysing their content and keywords used by them in their video titles and description.

digital marketing youtube seo

Research on multiple Search Engines

You need to collect data from as much as platforms to filter out best keywords for you YouTube Video. It will help you to perform better YouTube SEO. For example, we could use multiple search engines such as bing, duckduckgo, ecosia and many more.

ecosia keywords
bing keywords
google keywords

Pro Tips:

While doing keyword research I always keep in mind that I am going to upload fresh content and it is not at all easy to rank on high competition keywords. So I target the low competition keywords first and try to achieve ranks. Let’s take another example here.

content marketing competition example

In above image I tried to check out keyword worth on YouTube. As you can see there are more than 2,000,000 results for the keyword “Content Marketing”. It is not easy for me to outrank existing videos. So in this case I need to create a plan and target keywords on which I could get ranks and can relate my content with targeted keyword. So I tried “Marketing Tactic”

content marketing competition example-YouTube SEO

As you can see that “Marketing Tactics” has just 41,000 results and if I would work smartly, I could achieve my goal. After following these steps it’s time to take all the keywords on your list and roll them through search and see which ones have a decent competition.

Use of Tags and Filename

Use of quality tags and filename are part of SEO factors for YouTube videos. If you are concerned about YouTube SEO, then you can’t ignore these.

YouTube Tag

YouTube tags are used to highlight video content. It helps viewers to understand video content. However, you have to keep quality in your mind while creating tags for your videos. Tags should be relevant to the content of your videos. Tags can identify the category your video belongs to and help people discover your videos in the sidebar suggestions of “related videos” section.


The video file name should include your main keywords. It would be great if you are have used the similar keyword in video tile and description and tags. Filename should be relevant and descriptive enough to related with video content.

Adding Transcript

Search engines are bots and we all know that they can’t listen to audio, see image and watch videos but they do index texts. So having a transcript on your videos would help you to boost YouTube SEO. A transcript enables search engines to ingest your multimedia content and index it accordingly.

Every video has a title and description but content is blank for search engine bots/crawlers. Transcripts are body text of your video content and helps search engines to read it.

These are few factors of YouTube SEO. If you work smartly, according to above listed ranking factors, you could rank your videos on top.

However, when it comes to YouTube SEO, everyone look for easy options. So let’s talk about few YouTube SEO tools. Tools are always important for better performance if you are using correct tools and using tools wisely.  Given below are few good “YouTube SEO Tools”.

  • TubeBuddy: This tool provides some amazing options to creators such as bulk video editing, Adding quick links, direct upload on social media channels i.e. Facebook, helps in social monitoring and so much more.
  • DrumUp: DrumUp is basically a content discovery tool. It helps you to manage promotions for your YouTube channel or videos.
  • Cyfe: It helps you to analyse and track your video’s performances and stats. You could monitor reports within an easy dashboard. Cyfe lets you easily monitor your overall channel’s performance, as well as performance metrics for each individual level. It lets you check out metrics like views, traffic sources, audience retention, and engagement.
  • Canva: It is a great platform to create useful and effective thumbnails for your YouTube Videos. The best part about this tools is, it has drag-and-drop format and provides access to photographs, vector images, graphics, and fonts. Even if you are not professional in editing photos, you could create great images with the help of this tool.

Hope these steps would help you to get into competition and rank your videos on top. These basic steps could help you to stand out in the crowd and rank your videos on top.

Additional Information

when it comes to YouTube, everyone have list of the favorite videos which they always want to download. If you are one of them and looking for What is the best way to download YouTube videos for free? Given below are steps for you. However, You can always create a playlist of songs and add to your collection or save it to watch later.

But, if you want to download it and looking for ways to download the videos, by simple steps.

Step 1. Open browser in your desktop or mobile device and open YouTube

how to download youtube videos
YouTube Video

Step 2. Click on address bar and write double S i.e. “SS” just after the www.(dot) and hit enter

best way to download youtube videos for free
best way to download youtube videos for free

You will land on savefrom.net with a download button.

easiest way to download youtube videos.

you can choose the quality of video and hit the download button to download youtube video.

During this process, you don’t require any software or application to download youtube videos. You can download the video by using SS method.

However, this technique doesn’t work on every video of YouTube, you might get error “The Download Link Not Found“. It happens with videos which are either not public or have copyright material. It could be any sort of material.

download link not found for youtube video

Once you get this error, you might face similar issues with other methods as well. But there’s another way to save video.

You can install screen recording app in your machine and record the entire video and save the recording in your PC. If you are using windows 10 then there’s a built in feature of xbox game bar which can help you to record the screen along with audio so that you can download the youtube video.

However, you can also install third party applications to complete the process.

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