Location Based Marketing LBM

location based marketing

Location is an important part of any business. And when it comes to marketing, it is one of the major factors of successful marketing campaigns and brand reputation. According to its name, LBM (Location Based Marketing) is a direct marketing method. Under this practice marketers built strategies that use device location such as mobile & desktop/laptops to alert the device’s owner about promotional offers from a near-by business. Also it provides the data of business available nearby user location according their search keywords on search engines.

You must have received location based alerts in the form of text message from different service providers in your area. It’s because text SMS are part of location based marketing. Today we are going to learn few interesting insights of location based marketing. We will learn benefits of doing it and some tips to improve our strategies for LBM.

How it works

LBM methods are based on location access. Whenever you surf a website or install an application in your phone, you get a pop up notification stating

“Allow location access”

app location access

“Google wants to know your location”

google location
google location

“Website location access”

website location example of location based marketing
website location

This is how marketers collect user locations. All these methods are used to understand the exact user location to trig campaigns and refine potential audience. For example, if you look for groceries stores then you might see a walmart store in your search results. LBM strategies are based on delivery results to nearby audience (Local Audience). The moment users allow their location access; website or mobile app owners can access the location and represent their product or services to them in the form of text location based results, business listings and advertisement campaigns.

Purpose of using LBM Method

Purpose of doing LBM Method is to capture the attention of end users and convert them into a customer. You could convert the potential customer’s into regular buyers. The future of location based marketing is bright. The strategies which marketers develop under location based marketing, are based on how brands owners are able to create new levels of interaction with the individual customers on the move.

Benefits of Location Based Marketing

So far we have learnt about the LBM method and its purpose. Now let’s understand few important benefits of performing LBM method for your business marketing.

Personalized Advertising

Marketers could send personalized advertisements by using location based alerts. The location based alerts could be sent in the form of text SMS or mobile app notifications.

Business Reviews

A business could get more and reviews about services and product which helps to improve performance of product.

High Quality Real time Location

By LBM Method, marketers could collect accurate information. Every set of data should be accurate for mobile advertising such as device ID, place, the lat/long and the quality of the media need to be correct. That’s how marketers could convert potential customers into permanent buyers.

One of the great examples of location based marketing is NFL season 2010. During the event, the Washington Redskins ran a very successful Foursquare campaign. They offered giveaways for check-ins to Fedex field (their home Field) along with 27 different bars & restaurants around D.C. where they held numerous rally parties. The results were amazing of this campaign. This one campaign garnered Washington redskins 12,800 Four Square followers and 20,457 check-ins at their home field (Fedex Field). It also raised their Twitter followers to a handsome number 14,909 and their Facebook fans to 429,510, respectively.

Hope these insights would help you to understand the LBM method and its importance. If you have any suggestions or feedback for this information then do comment below and make it a better information platform for everyone.

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Landing Page Optimization Ultimate Guide

landing page optimization

Landing Page Optimization is an important method of generating better user experience and enhancing website performance. It is one of the leading factors of Conversion Rate Optimization. In this guide, you will learn about what is landing page optimization, how it works and why it is important in Digital Marketing. Let’s understand little bit about landing pages first then we will proceed towards optimization.

Landing Page

Landing pages are those special pages which webmasters or business owners design for sole purpose of promotions. Let’s take an example here. Imagine I am a business owner or marketer who has a product “Digital Marketing Services”. Now I want to run a campaign and provide discount on services for the occasion of New Year 2020. In this situation, I will create a promotional page especially for “Digital Marketing Service” and use this in my all promotional campaigns. While running ads on adwords, I would put this page URL as destination so that every customer who would click on my ad campaign would land on this particular page only.

Similarly, if I am running a campaign on any other platform such as social media, I will use this page so that visitors could know about the promotional offer only. Landing page is the destination where all of the visitors would land.

You might have seen promotional pages such as.

Landing Pages example -Landing page optimization

In digital marketing, we refer landing pages as Leads Capturing Pages, Static Promotional Pages and Destination pages. There are several names for landing pages.

Best Practices for Landing Page Optimization

A small change could bring a big difference. In digital marketing, it is important to keep every single factor in mind while working on optimization part. Given below are few best practices for optimizing landing pages.

Eye Catching Heading Text

Every landing page contains information about the promotion only. The content on page contains limited information about promotional offer. You have to use your skills and create an eye catching heading for your content. You have very little space and only once chance to impress visitor so you better use it wisely. Grab their maximum attention by using magic of words. Your heading should be unique, interesting and descriptive. Also the heading should have relevant length. Sometimes short & sweet works more efficiently than long promotional details.

Including USP in sub headings

Every product or service has some USP. While creating content for your promotional page, use the USP’s wisely and put it in content and headings where it is required. Subheadings are good to use product/services/promotion description. Try to simply and explain the benefits of your product. For this you could also use alternative methods such as explainer videos, a success story or testimonials.

Add Forms to collect leads data

Every promotion page has goal of generating leads. It could be a good practice to add forms to collect user data. You can use forms for this. Add forms where it is required. According to promotion you could place the forms in promotional landing pages. But the form should be relevant according to promotion. Do not add additional fields in forms. Try to make it easier for users to fill details. Don’t ask too much of details. Ask for the details which are necessary according to promotional offer.

Valuable points

Sometimes you need to explain the value of your product or services in promotion. While creating the content for promotional page, use valuable points and make it easier for users to understand the importance of your product or services. Highlight the text in form of bullets & numbers. Explain why your services are important for users.

User Interface of page (Page Design)

User interface or page design is the most important part of landing page optimization. You should create attractive pages. The page should have promotional content with attractive design. Let’s take an example of an optimized landing page here.

optimized landing page design
Optimized landing page design

This is the sample optimized landing page design.

Call to action

“Call to action” term refers to those actions which marketers want users to perform. For example, clicking on buttons, buy now, Subscribe, Request demo, filling forms and requesting product/services demo.

Call to action buttons are important for better conversion. You could use different buttons to describe actions. Buttons performs better than simple texts.

A/B Testing

A/B testing is important for optimization process. Be it landing page or any campaign, you should always test it before diving into the sea of internet. Checking the performance on your own is always better than receiving negative feedback or low performances. For example:

  • Creating multiple landing pages for promotion and performing A/B testing
  • Testing different content length
  • Multiple page designs
  • Placement of buttons & forms
  • Adding additional information such as testimonials and contact page

No matter what you design, always perform a test.

Pro Tips for analyzing landing page performance

So far I have shared few best practices for landing page optimization. However there are few key points which you can keep in your mind to analyse the performance of your landing page.

Page Load Speed

Page load speed is important for you. It doesn’t matter whether you are running a campaign or not. You pages should have a good loading speed. Website loading speed is not only a ranking factor but also helps in handling bounce rate.

Exit Pages

Keep a track on exit pages and see on which page your visitors are taking an exit. It is good to know what pages are causing the trouble for your promotion. Exit rates helps to understand user behavior and give an opportunity to make changes in promotional landing pages.

Tracking keywords

Monitor the keywords which are performing for your campaign. Analyse which keywords are making visitors to land on your promotional page. You could also create goals and events to monitor the performance. Monitor the frequency of visits and returning visits.

Hope this information on landing page optimization would help you to create a good promotional page for your upcoming campaign. If you have any feedback or suggestions for me then do comment below.

Conversion Rate Optimization Strategies and Best Practices

conversion rate optimization

Every day we learn something new in digital marketing. In order to make our efforts count, we apply different methods, techniques and a lot of brain to achieve marketing goals. The most important part of marketing campaigns is number of Conversions. We work very hard to achieve highest conversions from marketing campaigns. Today I am going to share some insights about conversion rate optimization. It will help you to understand how can you optimize performance and increase conversions. Every marketer in the world be it advertiser, campaign manager, business owners or marketing strategist could understand the importance of conversions. Today I will share some information which can help you to enhance the performance of your campaign and gain maximum conversions.

What is Conversion Rate Optimization

This is a method of analyzing end user data points to understand high and low conversions. Conversion rate optimization is used to improve the sales conversions for any product or services. By working on CRO, marketers encourage users to perform certain actions. Depending on website product or services, the actions are defined. For example, if you are running a website which offer services, then the action should be encourage user to make a payment for services. However, if you have a product on your website, then the action would be to make a purchase.

Signup, subscribing for newsletters, Filling forms, product inquiry and making an appointment are also considered as actions. The CRO process involves understanding how users move through the website, what king of actions they take, and what make them stop for completing the purchase.

We can categorize conversions in to Micro conversions and Macro Conversions.

Micro Conversions

micro conversions

Micro conversions are those where users spent lesser time on web and complete the action. For example:

  • Creating accounts
  • Sign up for newsletters
  • Adding product to wish-list
  • Creating Bookmark of product
  • Schedule Meetings
  • Product Inquiry

Most of the micro conversions are available for free. Users don’t need to invest their money while completing the action. These conversions are used to collect user data which can be used for product or services marketing. Also it helps marketers to understand the user behavior and their interest.

Macro Conversions

macro conversions

Macro conversions are those where user spends good amount of time on website and then complete the action. For example:

  • Making a purchase
  • Purchasing premium subscriptions
  • Request product Demo

During the macro conversion, user verifies the product and services then get the product. They invest their money in this type of conversions. In order to achieve macro conversions, marketers need to put in the best efforts in representing the product or services. The choice of words should be relevant and according to targeted audience.

Strategies for on page Conversion Rate Optimization

Before getting into tips, tricks and suggestions to create strategies for conversion rate optimization, let me tell you that you need to create an amazing product or services and focus on quality. It is very hard to meet expectations of every customer on website. Given below are few points which you can consider while creating strategies for better CRO.

Use of Buttons instead of Text

In order to describe the actions, focus on creating buttons to make it easy for users to complete the action. Simple text such as Click Here, Proceed Here & Buy Now looks great with button texts.


In above image, you can see the difference between text and buttons. However, it is also important check the location of button. It will be lot easier for users to complete the action if the placement of button is easily available. Also, create an attractive set of buttons which can attract users and make them complete the action.

button size

As you can see in the image, the button size is big than the regular ones. It’s because the AIM of marketer to make users understand the importance of this button. Depending on your actions, you could adjust the button size.

Page Speed

On January 17 2018, Google released an update on page speed insights. They accepted that speed has been used in ranking for some time. Page speed is not only the ranking factor in SEO but it can also help you in improving conversion rates. If the page load time is not good, then it will be hard for users to complete the action. The bounce rate would be high which can impact the conversion rate. A small issue could leave a big impact on your performance. Being a SEO Strategist myself, I would suggest you to get the fastest loading servers and give users a page which can respond within fraction of second.

You can check the page speed insights with the help of tool provided by Google.

Use of Headings

Using an attractive headline based on product could make a lot of difference. Use the words wisely on pages. For example “Exclusive” and “Limited Edition” these words made any product special and could bring a different prospective in user’s mind towards the product. Let’s take an example here. I was looking for Video Conferencing and found a page of Cisco.

headings - conversion rate optimization

In above image, you could see the use of headings and button along with product description. While drafting the product description, invest your time in creating the best headlines.

Use of images

Use of correct images at right location could make a big difference in customer actions and can bring a good positive result in conversion rate. It sounds strange that images on pages could affect the Conversion Rate but it is one hundred percent true. Let’s take example of two advertisements for same product.

images example in CRO

In above example, you could see the power of right images. The impact of left and right images would be different. Even both the images represents same product.

Simplify form fields

Create the forms with simple information. Don’t ask users to fill too much of information in forms. For example, if you want users to subscribe for newsletters then asking for email address is enough for goal completion. Adding Gender, Date of Birth and Location is not required. Make it easy for users. Short actions are easy to perform for users.

These were few key points to include in your on page conversion rate strategies.

Strategies for Email Marketing Conversion Rate Optimization

Conversion rate in Email Marketing is different from On-Page. It depends on several different methods such as Opening Email, Landing on Promotion Page, Click through rate and finally completing the conversion. In email marketing method we could optimize differently to improve the conversion rates. In this method we will learn about adjusting customer actions and increasing the percentage of clicks and visits to the promotional landing page.

E-mail platforms are different from web. We get limited options to in terms of performing actions. But if we consider every small factor while creating email campaigns, we could get best results. Given below are few important factors which can help you to boost your conversion rate in email marketing campaigns.

Subject Line

Subject lines could be categorized in two sub categories.

  1. Small Subject Line
  2. Descriptive Subject line

Small Subject lines are very useful while creating gesture campaigns such as Festival Wishes, Welcome Mails, Loyalty Programs and Bonus offers.

Let’s take an example of Thank you mail I received after placing one order online.

Thank you email sample - conversion rate optimization

The subject line in this mail has only my name and a Thank you for placing an order.

Descriptive Subject Line

Descriptive subject lines are important for describing your campaign. User’s may open or may not open the email. In this situation, we could use descriptive subject lines to convey our promotional message to users. Let’s take another example here. Few days back I received an offer from Amazon. It was a promotional email for watches. Refer the screenshot below and see the subject line.

descriptive subject line

As you can see in the image, the subject line contains offer details, product information and promotion expiration date. If you are running a campaign, then you must describe your product & offer details in email subject line.

Email Body

Test every possible template before using it for campaign. A lot of text doesn’t help in increasing clicks. Keep it simple and use lesser text in your email body. Content length should be descriptive enough to convey message. Do not put extra efforts in putting a lot of content in email body. Given below are few additional points to remember while creating email body for promotional campaign.

  • HTML Ratio: Always keep the platform in mind while creating templates. You simply can’t apply the same rule of website design template on email templates. Both are different from each other. In many cases, plain text email performs better at scale than HTML email.
  • Infographics: Use of infographics could bring a change in your campaigns. Attractive graphics with information on it create curiosity but use them wisely in your campaigns. It’s a big challenge to control infographics because responsive templates may behave differently on different platforms such as mobile or tablets.

Campaign Timings

Timings are most important part of email campaigns. Choose the right time of day and the right day of week, especially when sending digest emails once a day/week/month. Depending on your audience, set the timings. For example it doesn’t make sense to send an email after midnight.

Strategies for Social Media Conversion Rate Optimization

There are different prospective behind social media advertisements. Every campaign is different from each other. For example, you might see sponsored posts for page likes, Applications installations and watch videos. But sometimes, you might see a custom product landing pages. For example, Inquiry Pages to collect data, admission forms and early access/subscription advertisements. The sole purpose of these advertisements is to generate more business leads. Given below are few key points to remember while working on Social Media Conversion Rates.

Geo Location

Targeting accurate location is one of the biggest factors in social advertising. You should always choose the location wisely for your promotional campaigns. It can give you better results in terms of business leads and impressions. Let’s take an example here. In India, there are multiple languages are used in different states. If you are willing to run a campaign in regional language, then choosing exact location is must. If you are running an international campaign then always check the influence of language on locations before drafting campaign.  However, most of the time campaigns are created in default language (English-US).

Advertisement Creatives

Creative images could leave an impact on your campaign so you should choose the creative image wisely. You might see some images with high CTR but the conversion is very low. However, there are some images where CTR is low but conversion is very high.

social creative

However, you have to follow the text & image guidelines while running ads on social media platforms. According to Facebook text in ad images “Image text is any text that exists on your ad image or creative. It doesn’t include text outside of your image, such as the body text of your ad- Facebook”

Age & Gender of Targeted Audience

Getting a click from audience which is not targeted could increase the number of Clicks but the Conversion from those clicks is very hard to achieve. Do an analysis on demographics and check the performance data to understand the impact of demographics on your campaigns.

Strategies for Adwords Conversion Rate Optimization

Google adwords conversions are basically calculated by simple formula. The formula is total number of conversions divided by total number of interactions. For example imagine you got 40 conversions from 2000 conversions then the conversion rate would be 2% since 40 ÷ 2,000 = 2%.

In Google Adwords, you need to set up the conversion tracking before running a campaign. You can follow the steps to enable conversion tracking by visiting Set up Conversion Tracking for your website.

Now let’s move on to the steps to for adwords conversion rate optimization.

Quality Score

Every ad you create in Google Adwords, go for quality checks. You have to create ads with quality in order to get maximum benefits.

Using Sitelinks (Call to Action) in Advertisement Meta and Description

Correct use of call to action in Advertisement description and Meta data helps a lot to achieve better conversion rate. Create the sitelinks according to product and business and use it in your adwords campaign. Let’s take one example here.

Call to Action in adwords

The highlighted portion represents the call to action button in this advertisement. You can create as much as sitelinks and use them in different ad campaigns.

Use of trademark (™) or registered trademark (®) symbols

If you have a product or services where you could use any of these symbols then conduct a test. Run a campaign with these symbols and see if you get better results. These symbols help to build trust between users.

Set up Negative Keywords

No business owner or marker would like to spend on keywords which are not related to business or have negative impact. None place a bid on keywords which has no conversion. Within the ad campaign, you could set up list of negative keywords. It is a good practice to save money on click generated on irrelevant keywords.

Multiple Landing Pages

Landing pages are important for testing and running multiple sets of ads. You could use different keywords for each landing page and run different ad campaigns. Be it single product or multiple products, multiple landing pages gives you an opportunity to test variety of ads.

So far we have learnt about conversion rate optimization for different marketing segments. Hope it would help you to draft the best strategies to get the maximum benefits in terms of conversion.

Artificial Intelligence in Digital Marketing

Artificial Intelligence in Digital Marketing

Artificial Intelligence is a science. It was created to build machines with intelligence. AI machines can think, behave and respond like human minds. This technology is huge and soon it is going to impact every sector of technology and digital world. The role of Artificial intelligence in Digital Marketing is going to be interesting. We will be getting a lot more from this technology. It is the time for business owners and digital marketers to learn and understand this technology so that they could use it wisely for better marketing results. Artificial Intelligence is going to be a game changes for businesses which are facing problems in collecting accurate data or insights due to human errors.

Imagine collecting all the accurate data at one single platform without facing any human error. Sounds interesting? Well yes, it is going to be interesting. Today, we are going to learn few insights of Artificial intelligence in Digital Marketing. Being a digital marketer myself, I am always attracted to new technology and inventions.

Examples of Artificial Intelligence in Digital Marketing

The use of AI (Artificial Intelligence) would be lot easier to understand with examples. Let’s take few examples where we could use AI in Digital Marketing.

Content Generation

I remember the days when it was a huge task for content writers to create content and make changes grammatically. First they have to find out the mistakes, and then rephrase the content according to relevance. Imagine a technology where you could correct the content, generate the content and modify with ease anytime you want. Few big brands such as Forbes, BBC, The New York Times and CBS are using applications like Wordsmith, Articoolo, and Quill to create news articles. These AI Bases content generators provide an option where users can fill-in-the-blanks to enter data and keywords can create unique content. It exactly looks like human generated content.

Email Marketing

Every business needs personalized campaigns where they can manage ROI and generate business with minimum investments. And it can be possible by using AI based platforms. An AI can scan and do data analysis on a huge database. You can get consumer behavior insights based on data within minutes by the help of AI. Not only this, you could conduct the A/B testing more efficiently on Artificial Intelligence Platforms. Some tools such as Persado , Boomtrain, and Phrasee can help you to apply AI into your email marketing campaigns.

Advertising Campaigns

Advertising is no doubt the most successful method of generating business. Every business needs advertising for expansion. Most of the platforms for advertising are technology driven. But you know that Artificial Intelligence could add more value if we use it in advertising platforms. Let’s take the example of tool “Adext”. With the help of Adext, you could handle your Facebook and Google Adwords platform automatically. You can even optimize the performance of Advertisement campaign by Adext. It’s AI algorithms could do a lot for your advertising campaigns such as :

  • Manage Budget Every Hour
  • Built in conversion goals
  • Smart Campaigns

Artificial Intelligence in SEO

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is directly impacted by AI. AI inventions such as Google Voice, Alexa ,Siri and Cortana are leaving a big impact on searches and search engine results. Voice searches are different because these are based on conversational language. A voice search doesn’t contain typical keywords which we type while doing a search on search engines. In order to handle the future technology, Google introduced RankBrain back in 2015. RankBrain is an algorithm update in Google it is a machine learning technology which helps to deliver its search results. RankBrain is part of Google’s overall search “algorithm,” another software program that is used to line up the billions of pages in an order and are most related to search term. If the program (Rankbrain) sees a word or phrase which it isn’t familiar with, the machine can make a guess as to what words or phrases might have a similar meaning and filter the result accordingly, making it more effective at handling never-before-seen search queries or keywords.


Chatbots are another good example of Artificial Intelligence in Digital marketing. Most of the business are using chatbots to interact with users. Some chatbots such as Whatsapp and Facebook Messenger are already common between users. According to website, business owners are also using customized chatbots. And it is changing the customer experience positively. Frankly, none likes to wait in huge queues just to get their issues. Chatbots are making it easy for users and businesses to keep the interaction alive and prompt responses are solving problems of users.

So, these were few examples of Artificial Intelligence in Digital Marketing. Now let’s move and learn few benefits of using AI in Digital Marketing.

Benefits of Using AI in Digital Marketing

So far I have given few examples of AI in Digital marketing those will help you to understand the role of AI in digital marketing. Let’s understand few key benefits of using AI.

Increase Efficiency

Artificial Intelligence improves the efficiency level. You can drive your campaigns more efficiently and more effectively with the help of AI. Effective marketing campaign is the key for business growth. It can improve sales and can help business owners to generate better revenue.

Time Saving

Imagine you have to conduct a research on huge data which has millions pieces of information. It will require good amount of time and a lot of efforts. Also the chances of human errors would be another flaw in this process. But you can avoid this by using AI. It can save your time and the probability of errors would be very much low. You can use this valuable time in creating strategies of business expansion and other important sectors.

Cost Effective

AI platforms are cost effective. Getting an AI tool will always cost you less than full time employees. Because it is a bot, the human errors and demands would be NILL. Intelligence platforms can perform more task than humans within lesser amount of time & money.

Helps in achieving Production goals

A business could generate amazing production results if it has following factors:

  • Lesser Investments & Higher Results
  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Higher production in lesser time
  • Time Management
  • Effective Marketing

All these factors can be achieved by using Artificial Intelligence. Being a marketer myself, I believe it is the right time to learn AI and use it for effective marketing campaigns and to identify the problems in business. The accurate data and insights could help us to grow our business more effectively. AI is not at all against humans. AI is not going to take jobs of humans but it will help us to use our efforts in right direction with more efficiency.

I hope this information on Artificial Intelligence in Digital Marketing would help you to understand its role and benefits in digital world. However, if you have any feedback or suggestions for me then do comment below. Keep exploring TheSEOGuy for Latest SEO Tips and Tricks.

Online Reputation Management Guide 2020

online reputation management

Online Reputation Management also known as ORM is an important part of your business strategy. We all have heard about Online Reputation Management so many times. Today I am going to talk in details about Online Reputation Management and let you know some interesting facts and information. We will learn what ORM is and how it can help in Digital Marketing. Also some benefits of ORM (Online Reputation Management) and tips to maintain it in a better way.

So let’s start the learning. First we will understand what is ORM.

Online Reputation Management (ORM)

As we could understand by its name, online reputation management is a practice of creating strategies to maintain online presence of a product, services, website, individual or any organization. It includes public interaction and services support. Within this practice, you can improve your internet presence and collect public opinions about your business or services which can help you to achieve more customer satisfaction. A positive customer interaction could lead a better word of mouth for your business and drive more engagement & sale.

However, there are many myths about Online reputation management between people. For some people it is considered as social media monitoring method, or another vertical of customer service, and for some people ORM platforms as just customer interaction platforms where one could get product or services support.

Reality of ORM

I remember the days when there was no social media available for people who wanted to talk about any product. It was hard for customers to take out their words on internet be it positive, negative or suggestive. But it is completely changed now. It doesn’t matter how big your business is, the online presence is always a useful method for every business owner. Online Reputation Management brings a transparency between customer and business owners. A good online reputation is not about interacting with people or sharing product/services information online. Sometimes brands need to react on issues. Most of the time reaction is important but sometimes you could skip to react if it is not necessary.

Pro tip: Always maintain the response time if you are willing to react on any customer feedback, suggestion or complaint. If you respond late, it will not help you in building positive brand image. Sometimes, it cost millions for big business. Proactive responses matters a lot during public dealing.

Importance of Online Reputation Management in Digital Marketing

Since the power of social media is increasing every day, ORM became an important part of Digital Marketing Strategies. It is important for to maintain online business presence for every business. Social media profiles are not just about sharing product or services updates, but it could a channel for your business to gain more customers and collect feedback.

ORM helps to generate word of mouth for business. So if you are good with your internet presence, you will get more direct visitors (Potential Customers) which you can convert into a business lead. It helps to enhance customer experience and helps in building better products. And the best part is, you get all the feedbacks and suggestions by end users for free.

Benefits of Online Reputation Management

A good online presence has multiple benefits for any business. There are four major benefits of having good online reputation for your brand.

Transparency between users and brand

A good online presence encourages product or services users to ask questions from brands publicly and get answers. While addressing these questions, brands maintain transparency and share right information which is a great sign of building trust between users. No company would share false or incorrect information on public platform.

Direct Interaction/Communication Channel

Business owners could use social media handles as direct communication platforms where they can establish one-to-one conversation with consumers. Business owners can add quality in customer service by answering customer complaints and turn an irate customer into a happy customer. Direct attention to complains, feedback or suggestions creates a positive impact on brand image.

Collect Feedback

For every product, the best feedback one could receive from actual product users. Social Media Channels are the platforms where every customer or potential customer could share product feedback. It helps to make changes in product or develop a better product for audience. It is one of the most important factors in business expansion. Genuine feedback could help a lot in product improvement.

Handling Criticism

Social Media platforms are very much useful while handling criticism. Do not run away or hide from Criticism. Consider the criticism as an opportunity to collect different user experiences and apply fixes in your product or services. Criticism of product is actually a genuine feedback for any product. Let’s take an example here.

Imagine you are running a restaurant chain and one of your customers is criticising served food. You would immediately check for the quality, services and many other factors to improve it. But what if the customer is complaining there is no proper lightening in your restaurant? This is not a direct complaint to your business but always matter in customer experience.

However, you should be positive while dealing with criticism. Getting defensive while handling criticism doesn’t work in internet world. Business owners are not supposed to show aggression or get defensive with customers.

So far we have learnt about benefits, importance and meaning of Online Reputation Management. Now let me tell you few disadvantages of not having online presence or Online Reputation.

Disadvantages of not having online presence

If you are not maintaining your brand’s online presence then you might encounter given below problems.

False Reviews

You have to deal with false reviews if social handles any other online platform of your brand is not available for users to interact. Most of the time, irate customers put false reviews about brands and take out their frustration. Every negative review affects your business reputation and sales. Asking users to visit website is not enough sometimes. Addressing all issues and maintaining transparency would be the biggest challenge in this situation.

Hate Websites

Hate websites directly leave a massive negative impact on your business. Some customers go beyond the boundaries and take out their frustration by creating hate pages. Most of the time these pages have information according to irate customer but it’s very hard to deal with this situation. Some examples of hate sites are

  • yourbrand-falsecompany .com
  • www. scamyourbrand .com
  • i-hate-yourbrand .com

If you don’t have any online presence and any of these pages got rank in SERP, you will need a lot of hard work to get this removed. You need a Digital Marketing Expert in this situation.

Tips to build better Online Reputation

In order to build better Online Reputation, you could follow few basic steps. Being a digital marketer, I have learnt a lot of things by experiencing different situations. I would like to share few tips with you all. Here it goes.

Strong SEO

Search Engine Optimization is one of the best methods to build your online presence. If your brand name or brand keywords give you ranks on first page of Google, then you did the right SEO. Now a day higher ranks in SERP is much more important than business cards.

Maintain Transparency & Share respect

Maintain transparency with users and always respect their opinions about your business. It is a tough task to make people respect your product or service and what you do. Equally gaining trust is not an easy task to achieve. You can only build trust between customers by maintaining transparency.

Maintain excellent response rate

Proactive response helps a lot while dealing with customers on social platforms. None likes to get a late response from brand. If the response rate is not good, you might struggle in retaining customers.

Monitor customer ratings and reviews

Always keep an eye on social media content about your brand. Monitor what people say about you and try to engage with positive feedback. Resolve all the negative complaints timely. It can bring more business opportunities for you. It is a common trend between people to ask questions via social media platforms such as twitter and Facebook.

Avoid Defensive Responses

While responding on social media platform, never get defensive or show aggression. There are millions of social media users who can see or react on your responses. So maintain the politeness and handle every issue carefully.

FAQs – Online Reputation Management

What does Online Reputation Management Mean?

Online reputation management is a practice of creating strategies to maintain online presence of a product, services, website, individual or any organization. It includes public interaction and services support.

What is Online Reputation Management Service?

Online Reputation Management is a method of creating better online presence of a brand on different internet platforms. Big brands often use service providers to manage their online presence. Under online reputation management service, providers help brands to built a positive image for their brand name.

Why is Online Reputation management Important?

ORM helps to generate word of mouth for business. So if you are good with your internet presence, you will get more direct visitors (Potential Customers) which you can convert into a business lead. It helps to enhance customer experience and helps in building better products.

How can I improve Social Media Reputation?

There are several ways by which you could improve your social media reputation. Given below are few basic steps.

  • Be responsive to your social media users. Always respond on both positive and negative mentions.
  • Work on building a brand image on social media platforms. Keep the brand image in your mind instead of sales while posting on social media platforms.
  • Cover your brand story: Talk to social media audience and share your brand story with them.
  • React on Reviews: Encourage social media audience to review your services or product. Collect reviews and react immediately when you get a review.
  • Develop Engagement Activities: Encourage people to engage with your social media page/handle. Organize quiz, games and polls to encourage your social media audience and let them engage with your page/handle.

This was the small guide on Online Reputation Management. Hope it would help you to understand the concepts of ORM (Online Reputation Management) better.

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