Useful SEO Plugins to Boost your SEO Score

useful seo plugins

Are you looking for best WordPress SEO plugin and tools to boost your SEO? Well your search ends here. Today I am going to share list of amazing SEO Plugins which can help you to achieve desired SEO score. This information can be extremely useful if you are struggling in achieving good rank in SERP even after putting your best efforts. We all know that WordPress is a content management system which is based on PHP and MySQL. WordPress is an open source and absolutely free platform which anyone can use. It is very common between small business owners who can’t afford developers to get a website and bloggers who don’t know coding but want to get into internet and share information with people.

Importance of Plugins

As I said earlier, wordpress is an open source and free platform for people and it doesn’t require coding skills to develop a website but without coding skills you have only one option left to maintain your website and get the best performance and that’s using wordpress plugins. Depending on your requirement you can use plugins. There are plugins for almost every technical problem. You can solve issues and keep the website running without hassle by using correct plugin.

Today I will talk about few useful SEO plugins which can make your website perform well and boost your SEO Score. I have categorized the plugins between four major categories.

  1. UI & Web Layout
  2. Security & Website Backend
  3. Image Optimization
  4. SEO Plugins

You can find different plugins in every category which you can use according to you. So let’s start the list of useful SEO Plugins.

UI & Web Layout Plugins

Elementor Page Builder

With the help of Elementor Page Builder Plugin, you can literally build anything according to you. And the best part is, it is very fast. You can customize pages according to you and create the best layout which suits your website or blog. Not only that, you also get pre-designed pages within the plugin. Choose from 100+ of beautiful full page WordPress templates and customize them to make them your own. You can also build your page by choosing from 300+ Blocks.

WP Google Maps

Integrating map location on website requires good understanding of coding but with the help of this plugin you can do it in seconds. Just install the plugin the follow the instructions. You will be able to add an attractive map on your website’s contact page or anywhere you want. With the help of this plugin you can add a customized Google map to your WordPress posts or pages quickly and easily. This plugin is super easy to use. And it is best for website contact page maps, routes, maps showing delivery areas and any anywhere you can use it according to your website business or blog information.

Contact  7 Forms

According to its name, this plugin helps you to create an easy contact form for your website. If you are running a business and require a contact form for your website users, then it could solve your problem. However, it can be used anywhere you want. You can create contact forms easily with the help of this plugin. This plugin also supports Ajax-powered submitting, CAPTCHA, Akismet spam filtering and so on. It’s super easy to use and it doesn’t require any coding skills.

Security and Website Backend

While managing website through CMS (Content Management System), you have to be very sure about the security. Once you lose data or unable to defend security breaches, you might lose all of your hardword. Given below are few good useful plugins which can help you in adding an extra layer of security on your wordpress website or blog.


I personally like this plugin a lot. This is a solution of all database problems. With the help of this plugin, you can optimize database, repair database, backup database, restore database, delete backup database , drop/empty tables and run selected queries. It means you can literally do anything with the database without having any coding skills. And the best thing about this plugin is it supports automatic scheduling of backing up, optimizing and repairing of database. Isn’t it cool? Imagine you are working on a website or blog and did a mistake. You might lost all of your website data which will be a pain for you but while having this plugin installed, you get a chance to correct your mistake and get the data back.


WP Optimize is another great plugin for database maintenance. Maintaining database require a lot of time and smart work but with the help of this plugin you can clean your database, also compresses the images on your website or blog. This is a very simple, popular and highly effective tool which contains almost everything you need to keep your website fast and thoroughly optimized. You know that a fast loading website has positive SEO results. So you need this plugin if you are dealing with loading problems. It is one of the most effective & useful SEO Plugins.

Auto Optimize

Website loading speed is a big challenge for website owners. If you can manage to reduce the site loading speed, you could get better engagement on website and lesser bounce rate which is good to boost SEO score. This plugin helps you to achieve this. With the help of Auto Optimize, you can minify scripts and injects CSS in the page head by default. You can optimize (and even convert to WebP) and lazy-load images, optimize Google Fonts, async non-aggregated JavaScript, remove WordPress core emoji cruft and more. It is a great plugin to enhance the website performance. If you are using heavy wordpress templates or customized pages, it can help you a lot.

Wordfence Security Scan

This is one of the most useful SEO Plugins. If you are worried about website or blog security then you can install this plugin. It contains a great defence system which can reduce the chances of security breach on your website. This plugin automatically blocks the malicious traffic. It blocks requests that include malicious code or content. It adds an extra layer of security on your wordpress website or blog.

W3 Total Cache

This plugin helps you to keep your website performance always high. It can give you positive SEO results and user experience by boosting your website performance. If you are running a mobile friendly website which has SSL enabled, you could use it to gain amazing results. Also you can save up to 80% bandwidth. It’s because this plugin helps in HTTP compression of HTML, CSS, JavaScript and feeds. It is another addition in the list of most useful SEO Plugins.


We can call JetPack a one man army because it can help you in managing multiple tasks.  By the help of JetPack you can manage Security on your web, performance of your web, and can also figure out site management easily. It is a complete solution for people who don’t want multiple plugins to manage multiple tasks. The highlights of this plugins are:

  • It can provide Brute-force attack protection, manages spam filtering, and monitor downtime
  • Jetpack backups of your entire website
  • You can enable secure login by using this plugin. It has an option for two-factor authentication.
  • You can also check for Malwares.

Akismet Anti Spam

If you are struggling with spam comments on your blog or website content, then this plugin is could solve your problem. It can filter out spam content and move it to spam box automatically. You can filter out genuine comments and edit them as well. It is mostly used by blog owners who face this problem a lot. Dealing with spam comments is a major task which can be done easily by the help of Akismen Anti Spam plugin.


This plugin will display a custom ban message when you ban any particular IP, IP range, host name or referrer URL that tries to visit your website or blog. You can also exclude certain IPs from being banned. There will be statistics recorded on how many times they attempt to visit your blog. It allows wildcard matching too. It is a common practice to ban IP when we receive suspicious traffic from particular IP, Area or IP range. If you are targeting a particular audience, then this plugin could help you to filter out audience and stop other IP’s to visit your blog or website.

WPS Hide Login

This plugin helps you to customize your login page and enable an extra layer of security on your blog or website. Usually the common login i.e. domain/wp-login.php or domain/wp-admin could cause security breach on your website. You can install this plugin and customize your login page according to you. After this, generic login page would no longer work. Only website owners who have the exact login page information would be able to login.

Useful SEO Plugins

So far we have discussed about user interface and website layout along with security and website management plugins. Now let’s move on to the most important part of the list. Let’s check out the list of most useful SEO Plugins.

Broken Link Checker

As you can understand by its name, Broken link checker is a plugin which scans your website and quickly find out all the broken links within the portal within minutes. Getting rid of broken links is the most important task to achieve good SERP rankings. With the help of this plugin you can do it easily and quickly. If you have this plugin installed, you might not see any 404 error on your website or blog.


This plugin solves a major problem of SEO. It can track all the broken links and add permanent redirection (301) without making any changes to .htaccess file or putting any code. It’s simple and very easy to use. You can redirect all the broken links (404) and get better SEO score because permanent redirection passed 100% link juice and helps in boosting SEO for website or blog.

Google XML Sitemap

Google XML Sitemap plugin is the solution for generating sitemaps for your website or blog. You can generate sitemap in minutes. A good sitemap always helps the crawlers to read it easily and index pages. To achieve better SEO score, it is strongly recommended to have a sitemap of your website.


Yoast is pretty common between people. It is used by millions of wordpress users. It can perform almost every possible action which an SEO expert will perform. Most of the features are available in free version but if you are looking for additional options then you can upgrade for paid version and can get avail premium services such as News SEO, Video SEO, and local SEO along with WooCommerce SEO extensions.

All in One SEO

All in one SEO pack is another SEO plugin similar to Yoast. It can help you in optimizing SEO score of your web pages and posts. The best part about this plugin is, it’s completely free. You will get access of all features within free version. Also Generates META tags automatically. Whenever you make any chages to your website, this plugin automatically notifies search engines such as Google and Bing about changes made on your website.


Rankmath is typical SEO plugin which can help you to optimize your website and achieve good SEO score. This plugin has automatic Image SEO feature which can optimize images on your web pages or posts and add ALT Tags and Title Attributes. Also the installation process is little different for this plugin as it’s not available on official wordpress website.

Now let’s move on to next category of plugins. Let’s discuss about Image Optimization Plugins.

Image Optimization

Optimizing images for better SEO score is common practice. Earlier I’ve written a complete article about Image Optimization for SEO. It is an important task while you are working for SEO results.  It’s not a long process but plugins makes it easy so let’s discuss useful SEO Plugins for image optimization.

WordPress Smush

This is most effective and useful image optimization plugin. So far it is used by millions of users. It can provide you powerful results by optimizing images. This plugin could help you a lot while resizing, optimizing and compressing images on your website. This plugin is absolutely free so you can enjoy all features of within the free version. Here are some of the features of this plugin.

benefits of smush

SEO Friendly Images

Similar to Smush, this plugin helps you to optimize images. You could add tittles, alt tags and convert images to SEO friendly images.

These were few useful SEO plugins which I’ve used and tested on my own. Apart from these, I would like to share some more plugins which can help you to manage your wordpress website with ease and generate more positive results.

Other Useful SEO Plugins

Social media share button & social sharing icons

With the help of this plugin, you can easily add social media sharing buttons on your posts and pages. It is a good plugin which has 200,000+ active installations so far. Also the ratings for this plugin are also good.

AMP for WP (Accelerated Mobile Pages)

Converting website into mobile friendly website is a big task if you don’t know how to code. But this plugin could solve this problem within minutes. You can install this plugin and convert your website into mobile friendly website. AMP makes your website faster for Mobile visitors.

Pop Up Builder- Responsive WordPress Pop-ups for Subscriptions & Newsletters

You can pop up anything on your website with the help of pop up builder plugin. You can create promotional popups, subscription popups, email newsletters popups and much more by this plugin. And you don’t need any coding for that.

Classic Editor

This is the plugin for people who don’t like Gutenberg Update in WordPress. Also, if you like the classic way of editing your posts and pages, then install this plugin to get classic editor back in your wordpress dashboard. Till the time you understand Gutenberg & gain expertise on that, you can use classic editor to keep your wordpress dashboard classic.

Hope you would like the list of useful SEO plugins. I have added few basic plugins which are commonly used to boost SEO performance. Most of them are already used and tested by me. However, If you have any suggestions or feedback for this information then do comment below. And keep exploring TheSEOGuy for more amazing SEO tips and Tricks.

Social Bookmarking – Top10 Social bookmarking Sites

Social Bookmarking

If you are into digital marketing then you must heard about social bookmarking. This is pretty common term and technique while we perform Off-Page SEO for our website or blogs. Everyone says it is good to use social bookmarking sites but it’s very hard to understand all the SEO benefits of social bookmarks. Today’s topic is based on this amazing subject. I will be sharing few details about “Social Bookmarking”, SEO benefits of Social Bookmarking and how to find “Dofollow Social Bookmarking Sites”. Isn’t it interesting?

So let’s quickly understand what “Social Bookmarking” is and how it works.

Social Bookmarking

The simplest definition of social bookmarking is “it is a method of making a bookmark of your website or blog on internet platform to read it later”. Or you can say saving links for future reference.  The bookmarking method comes from the physical world. We all did it while reading books and placing a bookmark to find where we left to continue reading. The social bookmarking works the same way. It is a method of using social bookmarking sites to create a book of a post or page which we want to read later.

But it is not always same as physical bookmarking method. In physical bookmarks, anybody who opens the book can see the bookmark but in social bookmarking method, you can adjust the privacy of your bookmarks and choose who can see your bookmarks.

SEO Benefits of Social bookmarking

In today’s digital marketing world, Social bookmarks is a great way to boost your traffic and generate backlink support for your domain. The best part about practicing this method is, it’s easy and effective. The concept of social bookmarking is very simple. We “bookmark” something that we have seen on internet to publicly accessible on social websites so that other people could see our social bookmark. That’s how they can read what we have bookmarked and then share it again. This creates a much larger level of exposure for the content.

If we create quality bookmarks on an engaging platform, we get better traffic on our website. The traffic is purely organic and comes without any tricks so it’s beneficial for our website growth.

Often people get confused whether this is a black hat SEO technique to drive traffic on website. Don’t worry about it. Social bookmarking is purely a white hat SEO technique. It can never give you any negative impact on your website performance on SERP (Search Engine Result page).

But while we start doing social bookmarking, we look for DoFollow Social bookmarking sites. Every digital marketing person could understand the benefits of finding dofollow social bookmarking sites to create bookmarks. But the real question is how can we find it? Well, you can use search engines wisely to do it. Just to save your time, I am sharing few good dofollow social bookmarking sites which you can use it.

Top 10 Social bookmarking Sites


Bookmarks Site Reddit

Reddit is one of the most popular website for creating a social bookmark. The content quality and number of users makes it very special. Approximately reddit has 330 million active users

bookmarks site mix is actually the new version of stumbleupon. There are approximately 25 million active users on this portal. This platform is considered as intelligent social bookmarking sites. It helps user to finds or discovers content and recommends the same to its users.


bookmarks site dribbble

The user interface is so beautiful for this portal. Seem it is specially designed for graphic designers. It is a platform for showing your creativity and artwork. You may find some of the best designers in the world at Dribble.


bookmarks site delicious

The number of active users on this platform is so good. You can find somewhere around 5.3 million active users on Delicious. The best part about this platform is, you can even tag your keywords along with bookmark. Delicious is always a great choice for social bookmarking.


bookmarks site digg

It is a great platform to find some interesting content. Once you register on Digg, you became the part of a huge 8 million user’s community. The digg content is always attractive and engaging.


bookmarks site wehearit

It is basically a platform where you can share your images. But the benefit is, you can add your bookmark to images. The number of users on this portal is 30 million. It is good to be a part of a community where almost 30 million people are there to listen.


bookmarking site scoopit

It is a platform for both business professionals and for individuals. If you like the platform then you can upgrade your account and get the paid services. The number of active users on this platform is more than 1 million


bookmarking site slashdot

If you think you are a Nerd then this is an interesting platform for you. This is a unique bookmarking site for tech geeks.


bookmarking site dzone

This is a best platform for software developers. This platform contains much more than just bookmarks such as Tutorials, tools, programming and web development ideas. Also some DevOps news.


bookmarking site crazybacklinks

It is one of the simplest website to create social bookmarks. All you need to do is just page the link and hit submit. According to its name, this platform has special category of SEO.


These are the top 10 platforms for creating social bookmarks. Apart from these unique social bookmarking websites, you can also check out few more sites written below:

  • MozyLinks
  • SkyBacklinks
  • Tracky
  • BookMarkFeeds
  • AixinDashi
  • TechDirt
  • Sociopost
  • CiteULike
  • LinkaGoGo
  • Emolinks
  • Listly
  • Facecool

ProTip: While creating social bookmarks, remember the link which are going to share has the valid Meta data. Visitors could identify the information by just reading the meta description.

This was the list of few amazing portals which you can use to build social bookmarks for your website or blog. Hope this would help you to gain more engagement also better backlink support for your blog or website. If you have any feedback or suggestions then please comment below.

However, if you have an amazing list of social bookmark platforms which you want to share with me then don’t hesitate. You can use my Contact Page to reach out and share your list with me.

SEO Content Writing Tips and Tricks

seo content writing tips

SEO Content Writing Tips and Tricks

SEO content writing is a method which includes search engine optimization in content writing. It is nothing more than the creating unique and original content which search engines can crawl and understand easily. It helps search engine crawlers to observe the authenticity of content and rank them in SERP (Search Engine Result Page) for multiple related keywords. For example, I am going to talk about SEO Content writing today and if I take care of SEO, then my article will rank for other related keywords such as “SEO Content Writing tips”, “What is SEO Content Writing”, “SEO Content Writing Tool” and “SEO Content writing Samples.

That’s the benefit we get if we include SEO in content writing. Most of the time our prime motive is to rank our website or article which is good. But sometimes we have to think about readers. If we understand their need and write for them, it will automatically drive more engagement on our website or blogs. I am saying this because sometimes while we create SEO Friendly Content, we put a lot of SEO steps which readers don’t like. As a result, we end up with a great SEO article with lesser engagements. Motive of this is to use controlled SEO techniques in content. Make sure to make the article or information interesting which can keep the interest of website visitor or readers.

Now let’s begin the steps to learn more about SEO Content Writing and tips to generate more content like this for website or blogs.

Step 1 Research for content

First and most important step is research. You need to understand the importance of your article and conduct a research on Keywords, Trends, Related content and interesting facts, creative images and your website audience behavior. It would be great if you could add your own case studies in case of writing a blog post.

Keyword Research

Keywords are second most important factor in content writing. Being a SEO Strategist myself, I prefer to choose the best keywords for my article and do a proper research before using them. In order to do this, first you need to create a strategy what you wanted to achieve from your article. For example, if you are running a business website then your main prospective would be attracting more users instead of getting ranks. However, if you are a blog writer then your main prospective would be getting rank in SERP and drive more visitors on your blog. Both are two different things from each other.

From my experience in Search Engine Optimization, I would suggest you to start with Low Competition keywords. Because it’s much easy to rank on low competition keywords than high competition keywords. You can refer the detailed guide of Meaning of High Competition Keywords and Low Competition Keywords

Tools to perform keyword research

We know how to do keyword research but we need tools to do that. Most commonly we use Google Keyword Planner to perform keyword research because it’s a free and most preferred tool for keyword research. But apart from this tool here are few good tools which you can consider.

Pro Tip: While doing keyword research, you can use multiple platforms to collect keyword data apart from keyword research tools. For example, use the suggestive keywords from search engines and other e-commerce platforms. Refer the screenshot below.

seo content writing suggestive keywords

In above image, you can see the suggested keywords related to my search. I can use them according to my content need. I always collect this data and include best out of rest keyword in my articles.

E-Commerce Keyword Suggestions

Just like the search engines, You can also take the help of e-commerce platforms if you are going to write about a particular product. I tried to find out keywords related to my content on amazon and given below are results.

seo content writing suggestive keywords 2

Another example from content platform (Youtube)

seo content writing suggestive keywords 3

As you can see in above image, I put the keyword “SEO Content Writing” in search bar of YouTube and get suggestions. These are relative keywords and I can collect the data. Once I am done with the data, I can use the best performing keyword in my article. Now let’s move on to the next step.

Step 2 Identifying Trends

Learning and identifying trends and using them according to content could make a big difference in results. In order to identify trends we need to relate our content to trending topics and analyse them. For example, hypothetically if I am a store owner who deals in summer collection, I will try to generate more content in summer season including my product information.

Tools to identify Trends

Google Trends


Google Adwords Tool

Step 3 Interesting Facts

As I mentioned earlier, while we try to create SEO Content, sometimes we forget about users and use more than recommended techniques. We need to understand user need and provide content according to their requirement. Adding interesting facts in your content add some value in your content and create interest between users. It helps us to decrease the bounce rate and drive better engagement on our website or blogs.

For example:

  • Did you know that “The top 5 results get 75% of the clicks”. According to research on
  • After content, Page titles are the most important on-page element.

Since I am talking about SEO Content writing, I tried to include two interesting facts related to content and SEO.

Step 4 Examine the Audience Behaviour

Understanding your website audience behavior helps to generate better content. If you know what your website users want, you will be able to deliver according to their need. You can add SEO elements and make it a perfect example of SEO Content Writing. You can take help of Google Analytics to understand audience behavior.

Steps to analyse Audience behavior in Google Analytics

  • Go to
  • Login with your ID password
  • Choose the Property (in case of multiple websites)
  • Go to left hand side menu and click on “Audience”
  • Select Interest and select the category according to you.

Refer the screenshot below

seo content writing audience behavior

Step 5 Adding SEO Elements in content

Apart from above listed tips, let’s move on to next step which is adding SEO elements. Few technical steps could convert your ordinary article into a perfect piece of SEO Content.

Meta Description

Before landing on your website or blog users get to see the Meta content. This is the first content they see while they perform keyword search. It is important for both visitors and search engine crawlers. By adding a perfect Meta content, you can make it easy for search engine crawlers and users to understand the content. For example, I have many articles on SEO and if users search related to content written by me, first they get to see my blog in SERP. Refer the given below screenshot.

seo content writing meta data

If you would search for Event Blogging Secrets on Google, you will find my article on top page. Before opening the links, users can understand the gist of the content by reading the meta description.

Title Optimization

Similar to Meta description, title is equally important. Title is the second most important element in on page SEO after content. You should always write interesting and relative title which can represent the content to both users and search engine crawlers.

Maintain the keyword Density

One of the important factors of SEO content writing is maintaining keyword density and keyword proximity. Try using keywords smartly and put them in content according to need. Do not over optimize and add keywords more frequently. But try to maintain the ratio according to SEO standards. You can follow the guide difference between keyword density and keyword proximity and make your articles perfect.

However, you can learn a lot more about how to improve SEO score in blog posts in my earlier article.

For more amazing SEO Tips, keep visiting TheSEOGuy. Do comment below your feedback for this information. If you have suggestions to make it better then share your suggestions with me.

Content Optimization in SEO

Content Optimization in SEO

Content optimization in SEO is a method of using your content in a best possible manner. It is a process of optimizing content by keeping all the SEO factors in mind. It is a method of testing your writing skills and check whether your write up is capable enough to reach the largest possible targeted audience. There are few common factors which you need to keep in your mind while content optimization. Today I am going to share some information on content optimization in SEO based out on my personal and professional experiences. It will help you to understand the content optimization process. But before getting into the process of learning content optimization in SEO, let’s understand what is content and why optimization is important.


Content is nothing but written information which represents your website information. It represents your business, product, services, information, contact, achievements, awards, testimonials and every piece of written information. For example, TheSEOGuy is an internet platform to learn SEO techniques, latest SEO tips and tricks and answers of few SEO (Search Engine Optimization) questions. Content on TheSEOGuy represents the information and helps everyone to learn. Similarly if you have a website or blog, you will write about your business/product/services and further information.

Since you know about what is content, let’s move to the next part, which is Content Optimization in SEO.

Content Optimization in SEO

Optimization has multiple verticals and based on our requirement, we choose the optimization method. Today we are going to learn about content optimization in SEO. It is a process of finding improvements in write-up and making it SEO (Search Engine Optimization) friendly so that it could reach to maximum number of people. Content optimization is a process which can turn your ordinary write up into a viral content and help your website/blog to grow. If we do it correctly, we can reach to maximum number of people without any tool or advertisement campaign. Which means you can save your money and still get better engagement on your website or blog. Isn’t it interesting?

Let’s learn how it is possible and what are we supposed to do in order to perform content optimization.

How to do Content Optimization in SEO

I have already explained what content optimization is, above. Let’s understand how to do it correctly. Given below are few steps to keep in mind while doing Content Optimization:

Content Quality

Always create high quality content while writing your website or blog content. It is strictly not advised to copy content from any source. It will take some time to generate original content but it is equally more beneficial for you. However, while writing content, don’t repeat or duplicate information. Always prepare for your write up and do a deep research on your topic, make it interesting and worthy versus competitors. If you have a blog then try putting interesting facts, information and original case studies.

Content Length

Writing a lengthy write-up (content) which represents your aim/product/service/information is always good for your website visitors. It helps them a chance to engage with the content and generate curiosity to explore more topics. Write as much as information you can to represent your website or blog. There’s no such parameters defined by search engines on minimum content length but it is always good to write more than 600 words in a write up. Between 600 to 1000 words works really well and I learned this from my SEO Experience.

Keyword Density and Keyword Proximity

I had written an article earlier on Difference between Keyword Density and Keyword Proximity which can help you to understand its importance. It is an integral part of content optimization in SEO. You could learn about keyword density and keyword proximity and try to maintain the ration of keyword density and proximity for better optimization results.

Internal Linking

Use internal linking wisely to represent your content in a better way. Internal links are important; this is to improve page authorities because Google looks to links for an understanding of importance. It also helps user to build trust on content. Use the relative internal links in your write-up where it is required. You can refer the example of Keyword density and Keyword Proximity where I have used one of my old articles.

External Linking

External links works similarly to internal links. The only difference is, those are the links of external sources. For example if you write a fact or information which is inspired or taken from Wikipedia then you would mention Wikipedia in your write up to build trust between the user and your content. Similarly, the citations and credit represents the external links which we use to inform our website users to inform about the original source of information.

Header Tags

Header tags or heading tags are basically the headlines which we use in content. Most commonly used heading tags in content are H1, H2, H3, H4, H5 and H6. But we get better results by using H2 and H3. We use them to create better visibility of content for both visitors and search engine crawlers. It makes them to understand our website content easily and more efficiently.

Meta Data of Post/Page

Meta data works as a summary of your content to search engine crawlers. When crawling bots visit your website and index web pages, they read all the Meta data including description, keyword and title. Meta data really affect click-through rates (CTR – is part of the algorithm). Given below is the example of Meta Data.

meta data example

Basic Grammar

Use the short sentences and use simple words to make it clear and easily for website visitor to understand the information. Try to avoid passive sentences, use transition words, avoid consecutive sentences to start lines and keep the paragraph length short.

Image Optimization

Images play an important role in representing your content on website or blogs. Make sure to use the original images created by you. It is strictly not advised to use copied images. Try to create your own original images and optimize them before uploading within the content.  You can refer Image Optimization Tips for better understanding of it.

URL Structure/URL Length

Optimizing URL Structure or URL length is an additional step during the process of content optimization in SEO. URL’s represents the content. If we create short and user friendly URLs, we can explain about the content easily. For example If you read this URL, you can easily understand that this page/post represents the information of “SEO Friendly URLs”. We should always create easy to understand URLs.

So these are few steps which you can follow to understand content optimization in SEO. Hope this would clear the confusion. However, if you have any feedback or suggestion for this information, then do comment below.

Event Blogging tips for ICC cricket world cup 2023

Event Blogging tips for ICC cricket world cup 2019

Event Blogging tips for ICC cricket world cup 2023

Every event brings an opportunity and a lot of hard for event bloggers who wanted to rank in SERP and earn some revenue through their blogs. But due to search engine algorithm updates and uncountable competition, it is not an easy task. It doesn’t mean that you can’t achieve your goals. All you need to do is, prepare early and follow the right practices for your targeted event. Today I am going to share some good tips for upcoming biggest event ICC Cricket World Cup 2023. It will surely help you to perform better.

Before getting into the event blogging tips, let’s understand what event blogging is and how it works.

Event Blogging:

Event blogging is similar to regular blogging but it is focused on particular event, festival or occasion. For example ICC Cricket world cup 2023. It is going to be a biggest event for all event bloggers. If you work smart and do the right SEO then in the short span of time, you can make good amount.

How Event blogging works:

Event blogging works on searches related to event. For example hypothetically, today is ICC Cricket World Cup 2023 and you wanted to know about Cricket Score, Live Cricket Match Update, Cricket news and Cricket World Cup Schedule so you would search it on internet by using your phone or internet connected device. While searching for this you will type the search queries related to ICC Cricket World Cup 2023 such as:

  • Cricket
  • Livescore
  • Cricket score
  • Live Match Update

There are billions of people who are doing the same. They all are looking for similar information on internet. Every user uses different search engines for the same. Majority of them use Google to find out this information.

Imagine you already have a blog on such information and by doing better SEO (search engine optimization) you have gained some rankings and your blog is ranking on top page of search engines. In this situation, you will receive millions of users on your blog. You can monetize your blog by Adsense, Media. Net or any other publisher account and make money out of it.

Not excited yet? Let’s talk how to do event blogging and make it a success. After reading what event blogging is and how to make money out of it, you might be looking for steps to do it. Don’t worry; I am going to share the steps which you can follow to make your blog successful.

Every event is different and you have to pick the event carefully. You have to choose the event on which you can write original content and promote it without seeking help. I pick the topic of ICC Cricket Word Cup 2023 because cricket is most favored sport here in India.  You can pick the event according to your choice.

Event Blogging Tip 1: Choose your event carefully

As I explained earlier, you have to pick the event on which you can write and generate original content. If you pick the event of your interest, you will be able to write about it. You know from where to collect information about event. It will help you in many ways.

Tip 2: Keyword Research

Once you are done with the event, you need to do a keyword research to find out what’s going on between the search engines and what kind of searches are performed by users related to your event. Don’t worry it is simple and you can perform it by free tools such as keyword planner and google trends. Let’s start with google trends.


Choose the country from top right section

Put the event keyword in search box. i.e. Here we are discussing ICC Cricket World Cup 2023 so put the same in box and hit “Search”.

Refer the Screenshot Below

icc cricket world cup google trends

It will give you an overview of the search for that particular keyword. And you can analyse which related searches are there and from which location this keyword is getting better engagement.  See the screenshot below

icc cricket world cup google trends 2

As you can see in the image, location, related queries and related topics are on your screen. Now you can use the data to prepare a better keyword search strategy.

Next step is to perform keyword research and find out relative keywords to your event i.e. ICC Cricket World Cup 2023.

Open keyword planner

Click on find keywords

Put the keyword in search box and hit search

Refer the screenshot below

icc cricket world cup keyword research

It will give you list of related keywords which are used to perform searches related to your event. I don’t want to get into deep but you can always filter your data by adding or removing additional filters in keyword planner tool. For example, you can adjust the time duration from when till when you want the keyword data, adjust the search type i.e. closely related keywords or broadly searched keywords and many more.

Given below is one example of keyword filter

icc cricket world cup keyword research filter

After collecting the best keyword data, you can move to next step.

Tip 3: Buying a domain & Hosting

It is an important factor in event blogging. Hypothetically, if you are preparing for ICC World Cup 2023 and you book a domain then there’s none in the world who is luckier than you. It covers the motive of your event and double the chances of your event a success. However, it is not possible to get the exact domain so you can try with relative domain which represents your event.  For example, I got as my domain because I wanted to be the SEO Guy. If you are lucky enough and get the traffic on your blog then you need a good hosting to cater those many visitors. Don’t get into any cheap hosting because if your blog would crash during the peak, you will lost traffic and will not be able to generate good amount.

Tip 4: Content Creation

Creating or generating content is most important part of any kind of blogging. And if you are doing event blogging then you should know the importance of content. Try to generate original and interesting content to keep your users engaged. Do not stuff your articles with keywords. Focus on quality and try not to copy from other resources. Always write the original and genuine information with added flavour of interesting facts. It will keep the interest between your blog visitors and help you to get lesser bounce rate and higher engagement and money.

Tip 5: Create Privacy Policy, Contact us and Diclaimer Page

Creating these pages would help you to get your blog monetized easily because you must have these pages if you are applying for Google Adsense. If you don’t have these pages, you might not get approval to monetize your blog. It creates a trust between your blog and search engines so you should always have these pages on your blog while applying for monetization.

Tip 6: Take your time in research and create social pages to share your blog articles

When I said take your time, it means start working at least before 50-60 days before the event and publish your blog because domain age is one of the trust factor and can help you in getting SERP results. Create social pages and encourage people to visit your blog and read the blog posts.

Tip 7: Generate high quality backlinks for your blog

Having quality backlinks would always help you to rank high. But while building backlinks, do remember that you only focus on quality instead of quantity. Here is how to create High Quality Backlinks. I’ve written an article earlier on this information. You can follow the steps to build high quality backlinks for your blog.

Tip 8: Try your hands on On-Page and Off Page SEO

Follow the basic steps of On-Page SEO and optimize your blog and perform better Off-Page SEO as well. Here are few Necessary steps for better Off-Page SEO which can help you to enhance your blog performance. For on page, you can follow Google’s Search Engine Optimization Guide and follow the steps.

Tip 9: Find or create catchy images

Using catchy and interesting images is always important while representing your content. If you are writing a long article then user might feel monotonous and close the web. But representing the content with interesting graphics would help you to handle this situation. If you are good at graphics and it is an advantage for you but if not then pick the free images.

*Note* do not use copyrighted images on your blog. Choose the graphics wisely while using in your content. It is not at all recommended to use copyrighted images.

Hope steps would help you to understand the concept of event blogging. If you are the one who is preparing for ICC Cricket world cup 2023 then let’s get started. Do comment below your feedback.

Learn the difference between Nofollow and Dofollow links

Nofollow and Dofollow

Difference between Nofollow and Dofollow links

If you are new in Digital Marketing or blogging then you might hear the word nofollow and dofollow very often. It is a pretty common term between digital marketers who work towards website rankings. SEO (search engine optimization) method is almost incomplete without learning nofollow and dofollow links. Today I am going to talk more about these type of links and will share importance & benefits of nofollow and dofollow links in search engine optimization.

No follow links

These links are HTML generated links which are meant to reduce spam. I will try to explain this with one simple example. Hypothetically, you have a business which deals in services and have certain prodeucts. Imagine that a group of people are using your product or services and talking positively about it. Because of this your competitors or business rivals started talking negatively and created a myth between people about your product or services. In order to handle this situation, you would encourage your audience to ignore those rumors and concentrate on services. That’s the same we do when someone attack the website with spam links.

How to deal spam links within website?

Dealing with website spam by using nofollow links is easy. All you need to do is use attribute rel=nofollow Given below is the example.

nofollow and dofollow example 1

You can see that I have added nofollow to all search terms because I don’t want search engines to crawl links generated dynamically by the search keywords. The major benefit of this practice is to reduce number of not found 404 errors. It’s because URL’s generated by search query are actually not pages and if search engines would crawl those URL’s it would give you not found errors in webmaster.

Most of the time we also use nofollow attribute rel=nofollow in comments, testimonials and review pages. Because most of the time we get the spam links, negative reviews and comments there.

How to deal with Spam backlinks?

While generating backlinks, we target the best domains with better DA/PA (Domain authority and Page Authority) but you might see some spam links targeting your website. In this situation you can follow the standard “Disavow” procedure and get rid of spam backlinks. Here is how to use Google disavow tool

Do follow links:

As it reflects, Do follow links are hyperlinks that allow search engine and humans to follow them. I’ve explained the nofollow with a hypothetical situation where you don’t want people to hear rumors by asking them ignore hoax news. It’s exactly the opposite. Do follow links are beneficial for website ranking and you allow search engines to crawl those links.

SEO Benefits of NoFollow links

Mostly this practice is to fight with spam and provide a clean and safe platform for visitors and inform the same to search engines such as google and bing. The lesser spam links on your website or towards your website creates a positive impression and help to gain better domain authority. It could help you in gaining better rankings in SERP (search engine result page).

SEO Benefits of DoFollow links

Major SEO benefit of DoFollow links is good rank. If you are providing better & safe platform for users and sharing quality information then search engine crawlers would give your website or blog a better ranking.

Pro Tip: Getting dofollow backlinks from a platform where you have full control is always good. For example social platforms such as twitter, facebook or tumblr. If you have full control then you can delete, edit or create backlinks according to you.

Hope this information of Nofollow and Dofollow links would help you to understand better about it.

SEO Friendly URL: SEO Best practices

SEO Friendly URL

URL stands for Uniform Resource Locator. We also call it web address. URL is one of the most important part of Digital Marketing. Having a business domain related to your business is always recommended. But we are not here to talk about domain. I have already shared some good information on Importance of Domain name and extension in SEO earlier. Today we are going to talk about SEO friendly URL. We can create the best SEO friendly URLs if we follow the right steps and can get the better SEO results. So before getting into steps let’s understand what is SEO Friendly URL.

SEO Friendly URL

SEO Friendly URL is a well optimized URL which helps search engine crawlers and users to understand web content at the same time. Creating SEO friendly URL is a process of making set of URL’s which is descriptive enough to access and understand by Bots (Search Engine Crawlers) and Humans (Website Visitors). There are certain parameters which we can follow to create or generate the best URL types. Given are few SEO best practices for creating SEO Friendly URL

Using Content in URL

This is not about creating a lengthy URL to describe your content but using accurate word phrases to describe your content. It should be descriptive enough to make users understand about the content by simply reading the web page URL. It is also good for search engine crawlers. They can easily understand your content by going through a clean URL.

Use of Keywords

Similar to using content keywords, you can also include best keywords in URL which have good search volume and can describe your content. Preferably you can include long tail keywords related to your website content. It is a best practice to optimize every web page around one keyword, and this keyword should be included in the URL.  You can add the keywords in the beginning of the URL, as search engine bots read & give preference to the keywords in the beginning of URL instead at the end of URLs.

Tip: Do not over stuff URL with keywords. It is not at all recommended or a good practice. It can also cause penalty sometimes. So be careful while stuffing keywords in URLs. Overstuffing keywords can never make SEO Friendly URL.

Special Characters in URL

While creating SEO Friendly URL, it is recommended to hyphens (-) because it helps search engines to read your web URL easily. Hyphens are used to separate words in URL Phrases and create better readability for both users and search engines. But what are the special characters in URL’s and what to avoid?

Special characters are the identifiers or parameters which are used to show data on a web page. For example if you are showing a particular category or page which is fetched by query or code then it will show up the parameters URL’s like “?”, “=”, “%”, “&” “_” and symbols such as + or *. This is very common while we use dynamic URL. The best option to avoid this situation is to create static URLs for your website or blog.

Static URL:

Dynamic URL:

Upper and lowercase in URLs

Always use lowercase in URLs. Never use capitalization in URL while you are working to create SEO Friendly URL. Search engines can decipher from uppercase and lowercase letters in URLs, which can lead to duplicate URLs and loss of page rank.

Refer given below image for example:

seo friendly url lowercase and upper case example

Keep URL Short & Avoid Similar Words

It is good to have descriptive URL with focused keyword but do not exceed the length of URL. However there’s no specified length of URL is defined by search engines. But it is recommended to keep URL between 90 characters for better readability. Do not repeat similar words in URLs if you really want a SEO friendly URL.

For Example:

seo friendly url similar words example

Use of sub-domains

Use sub domain wisely because search engines are bots and it’s hard for them to relate content between domain and sub domain. They can consider the sub-domain content as duplicate content which can affect your SERP rankings. Until it is required, try to use sub folders instead of sub domains.

For example:

seo friendly url subfolder and subdomain example

Limited use of folders and subfolders in URL

Do not include unnecessary folders in URL’s. It is not good for a SEO Friendly URL. Avoid them until you really need to describe your content. The URL should be clear and should have better readability.

seo friendly url use of folders

In above example, you can see the use of folders and subfolders. You can consider them as clean & SEO Friendly URLs.

You may also read about How to change URL Parameters of website.

Pro Tip to create SEO Friendly URL:

Learn better use of Canonicalization method to use it while creating canonical URLs. Also do your keyword research deeply before creating a focus keyword for your content and URL. You can use the tools such as Google Keyword Planner for this. And it would be great if you know how to use breadcrumbs. If you can use breadcrumbs correctly, you can get some additional SEO benefits in SERP Rankings.


Creating SEO Friendly URL is not an easy task. It requires a lot of work to get best output. If we follow right steps then only we can generate a better URL structure. Over-stuffing keywords, special characters, capitalization and dynamic URLs are not recommended for better SEO results. But creating static URLs, use of necessary folders, use of keyword and hyphenization could help you in generating a SEO friendly URL and better results in SERP.

Hope this information would help you to create better URL structure for your website or blog. If you have more suggestions or feedback regarding SEO Friendly URL then do comment below and help me in providing quality information. Keep visiting TheSEOGuy for more fresh Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Answers.

How to report a spam website: Steps with pictures

report a spam website

We all surf internet daily and go through websites which should not be on internet. Sometimes the low quality website creates problems while surfing internet as well. But the question is how and where to report a spam website? Today, I am going to share steps to report a spam website. Whenever you came across any low quality or spam website then you can follow these steps to report those websites. But before getting into steps, first understand what are spam websites and the categories under which we can identify spam websites?

Paid Links

Paid links are generally the advertisement links. Behind these links there are people who make payment to other website owners to show information on particular platform. For example I receive offers from website owners to show content in my platform TheSEOGuy & place a link on my blog that points to another page. That link might be an image ad or a text ad, but it will virtually always be something on my page that links to another page. People who often sell stuff use this method to redirect users from a popular platform to make purchase. i.e. medical services, insurance, games, membership and paid subscriptions.

Objectionable content

Objectionable content is known as content which is specified for adult audience and have word and key phrases which are not suppose to be used to promote content such as Porn, Crime, Death, ammunition, guns and Kill. Search engines would only show the verified links related to this information. If you came across any website or platform which should not be on internet then you can follow the steps to report a spam website.


According to Wikipedia, “Malware is any software intentionally designed to cause damage to a computer, server, client, or computer network. Malware does the damage after it is implanted or introduced in some way into a target’s computer and can take the form of executable code, scripts, active content, and other software”. You may find these links while exploring internet. You have to be careful while surfing. Most commonly malware links are placed on sites which have software and other downloadable stuff available. You have to double check before downloading stuff from internet. It is always recommended to check spam score of website before downloading any software, audio, video, document or other files from internet.

Personal or Private information

If you find a website which discloses personal or private information without verified sources, then you can consider it as spam. As per Google’s policy, if you are getting a website which discloses false information related to a person or organization or it discloses your personal or private information, then you can file a website spam report. You should always report a spam website.

Copyright and other legal issues

According to its category name, these websites are categorized as spam because of showing copyrighted information. In order to get SERP rankings or more traffic to a particular website or blog, people copy information of other web portals and show it on their personal blogs or websites. Most of the business owners have copyrighted information on their portals which other’s can’t use. If you are a business owner and came across a website which is using your copyrighted information, then always file a web spam report.


Usually phishing is a technique used by hackers to collect sensitive information of user. They disguise as trusted website and ask users to provide sensitive or personal information such as Bank Account, User Names, Passwords, Credit Card Details and Social Security or Permanent Account Numbers. It is recommended not to share your information online. However, if you are asked by a verified owner such as government agencies then you can share your information. For example, while applying for Visa, you can open the government website link and fill your passport information, insurance details, Date of Birth, Address and Social Security Numbers. But DO VERIFY THE WEBSITE BEFORE SHARING YOUR INFORMATION. Until it is urgent, do not disclose any sensitive information online.

Now we know the kinds of spam website. It’s time to learn how to report a spam website.

Steps to report a spam website:

Reporting a website is easy and just a matter of click. This process is defined very easy so that every user could file or report a spam website. Given below are the steps to report a spam website.

Step 1

Click on

report a spam website step 1

Click on “Report Webspam”

Fill the details and verify captcha code

report a spam website step 2

Click on report website spam.

That’s all you need to do in order to report a spam website. After submitting your report, google would review your report and take action accordingly.

Tip: Try to login with your gmail account before submitting the webspam report. Action status would be shared by google on your mail. If google finds any webspam and takes action against website, you will be notified by google.

Hope this information would help you to fight with spam websites.

YouTube SEO Tips to rank your videos on Top

Youtube SEO Tips

Before sharing the youtube SEO tips, I would like to inform that youtube is a platform to share content. It is not a search engine. Search engines shows results of this platform according to keyword query. However, it is a big content platform where you can share your content with world. Digital marketers use this platform as tool to promote their content and get better visibility in search engines. It is one of the easiest content sharing platforms where you can attract visitors easily by showing unique or interesting content. But as soon as it became popular, the competition between providers started growing. Today, I am going to share few interesting and cool YouTube SEO Tips which can help you to rank your videos on top within the platform.

Proper use of Keywords

Using right keywords at right place is the key for getting your video on top within the platform. It is the best useful YouTube SEO Tips amongst all. You can use keywords in your video Title, also use keywords as tags, feed keywords in video description and can use keywords in video optimization before uploading it to your channel.

Use of Keywords in Title

Writing a catchy title is in the trend. It drives curiosity between users and makes them click and watch the video. It is a good technique but apart from writing cheesy titles, you can also use the best keywords to make your video title. Writing a video title which perfectly matches to your video content will be SEO friendly and user friendly both at the same time. In order to write this kind of titles, you can take help of search engines and YouTube itself.

You can use the auto fill option of search engines such as google, bing, duckduckgo , Qwant or Ecosia. Given below are few example of Search Engine Auto Fill

Youtube SEO Tips
Youtube SEO Tips: Google Autofill
youtube seo tips bing auto fill
Youtube SEO tips:  bing auto fill
youtube seo tips DuckDuckGo auto fill
Youtube SEO Tips: DuckDuckGo
youtube seo tips qwant auto fill
Youtube SEO Tips: Qwant Auto fill
Youtube SEO Tips: auto fill

Take the auto fill results and do proceed with analysis. You can choose the suitable title for your video content according to search engine suggestions. These suggestions are basically the most searched queries or keywords. There’s no harm in using the trending searches as your video title.

Description with Focused Keyword

Write the description with your focused keywords. It is always good to share information for search engines along with your video content. Search engine crawlers can only read the written content. They are not humans who can watch the content and decide which is genuine or interesting. So you should write the content description and put the keywords in it. But don’t over stuff the content with same keyword. Instead, you can chose the similar keywords or add prefix and suffix to differentiate between keywords. For example, if you are creating a guide on YouTube SEO Tips which is for free then you can use words similar to free or represents the same value i.e. No Cost, Absolutely free, Free for all and Prize Null.

Video Optimization: Feeding Keywords

Similar to Image Optimization, we can also perform Video Optimization before uploading raw file to our video channels. For this you can follow simple steps given below.

Locate the video in your system which is ready to upload

Right Click on Video

Choose Details from the top menu

Put the required information

Refer the screen shot below

Step 1

Youtube SEO Tips

Step 2

Youtube SEO Tips

Step 3

Youtube SEO Tips

After feeding the information in video, you are all set to upload it on your YouTube Channel.

Using Tags are Keywords

Final step would be adding tags related to your content. You can repeat the process of keyword research for title, in order to create better SEO Tags for your youtube video content. Follow the auto fill suggestions provided by search engines to generate better tags and use them in your content while uploading.

Tip: Add brand tags along with content tags to generate your own searches. I.e. TheSEOGuy would be my brand tag for upcoming videos.

Suggested Tools for YouTube SEO

After getting the list of YouTube SEO Tips, the next everyone wants is list of tools to perform better YouTube SEO. There are thousands of tools available in market with different USP’s but I personally prefer Keyword Planner provided by google to perform keyword research only. For managing your video content you can use different tools, but for YouTube SEO there are no such tools. You have to rely on your skills and smart use of keywords.

Hope this information of YouTube SEO Tips would help you to create a better SEO Strategy for your upcoming videos. If you have any suggestions or feedback then do comment below.