Tips to appear in Google Answer Box

Google Answer Box

What is Google Answer Box?

Before we start about tips to appear in Google answer box, we need to understand what it is and how it works. Google is always focused and working to provide quality results for users. As a result, in 2015 Google introduced a new rich featured snippet to their SERP results. The feature was Google Answer Box. This new feature was introduced to provide better quality & fast results to user without exploring multiple SERP pages. Irrespective of Pagerank, results are shown to users. Whenever we post questions in Google search box, we get results along with a small box of suggestions which includes similar questions and answers. In the three years since its debut in SERP, Google Answer Box has become a top target for search engine optimization strategists. That’s not surprising, because content featured in the answer box has the highest CTR of any piece of content on the SERP.

How Google Answer Box works?

Google’s Answer box falls under Knowledge graph of Google. This algorithm answers users exactly on the search results page. To display the most relevant information, it uses side boxes, carousels, lists, answer boxes and tables.

Why Google Answer Box is important?

Most important reason to think about Google answer box is, it is focused on quality content rather than SERP ranks. It doesn’t matter what rank you got for content but if you are providing quality content then you can get featured in Google answer box for particular search query.

It leaves a big impact on CRO and page traffic. It’s because the traffic generated by search box is purely organic.

We all know that Internet searches are diverted from Desktop devices to Mobile. The internet users are growing exponentially and internet became an important part of life. Social, Information, Education and every other category can see the influence of internet. Apart from this another big reason to work for google answer box is, digital assistants. Yes, most of the digital assistants like Siri, Cortana and Alexa are pulling results from Google Answer Box.

Voice search is getting into trends and soon leave a big impact on internet search type.

Tips to appear in Google Search Box

Research Google Answer Box Keywords: Do a research on keywords which are already in google search box. It will be more easy for you to provide answers if you already know the question. So do your research and provide the best quality content.

Target the questions as Keywords: The answer box is responsible to provide answers. It means you can add questions keywords in your website/blog content and write answers. Do your research and find out the questions which are related to your business/website/blog category. Once you are done, write the perfect quality answer.

Tip: Represent your content as question answer & add header tags i.e. H1, H2 and H3 in question.

Write Short, Clear and quality answer: Show your creativity while answering the question. Google Search Box will pick the best answer but it should be clear enough. Most of the time answers within 100 words are picked. However, it is not confirmed by google neither any update on word count. It is a personal experiment which shows that maximum 74 words (356 Characters with space) can be shown in Google Answer Box.

Include bullet list or number list in Answers: Using bullet points are the best indicator to show steps in answers. It will help Google knowledge graph to understand the question and steps written in answer. For example most of the questions contains why, how, when, what and who and most of the answers have suggestions and steps to describe answers. Almost every how-to question has answers with bullet list.

Pro Tip

Always keep location in your mind while writing answers. You don’t want to get into competition for location where you don’t serve or have reach. Locations always have a big impact on searches. It can help you to gain better results if you target the right location while working to win Google answer box

Hope this information would help you to achieve your task. If you have more suggestions and feedback then comment below your suggestions and help us in providing quality information.

Use of Speakable Schema Markup for better SEO

Speakable Schema Markup

What is Spekable Schema Markup

Speakable markup is a form of structured data that highlights sections of an article as useful for text-to-speech (TTS), using an id value reference and either CSS selectors or XPaths.

Voice searches are pretty common between people since “Smart Phone” revolution started. For all digital marketers this is an opportunity to upgrade website marketing strategy. The global leader of search engines “Google” announced an official support statement for the speakable schema markup. This new speakable schema markup is important because it may point to what you’ll need to know to get more traffic should/when Google expands this structured data to all websites. Google is also working to launch the capability in other languages and countries “as soon as a sufficient number of publishers would implement “Speakable Schema Markup.”

How to use Speakable Schema Markup for better SEO results

This new feature is in Beta phase now and only available for registered news websites which are using English as their language. As soon as the testing would finish, it will be available for all website categories. Refer (Speakable Beta) to check eligibility, usage guidelines, technical guidelines, content guidelines and structure data type definition.

Why to implement Speakable Schema?

We have experienced the change in searches. Desktop searches are taken over by mobile searches. Voice searches are just introduced and soon going to create a big space for them in internet searches.  It is always good to be ready for upcoming changes. If you can’t go with the trends then it is not easy for you to stay in market for longer period. Being a brand owner or website manager, you should be ready to be in competition.

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Necessary steps for better off-page SEO

better off-page SEO

Before talking about better off page SEO steps, I would like to bust a myth about off-page SEO. Most of the people who start doing digital marketing believe that off-page SEO is to build backlinks only. But in reality, it’s more than just building backlinks. It is a technique of promoting your website content, product and information on multiple internet platforms such as social, personal blogs, media channels, forums and Question & answers platforms. Off page SEO refers to techniques that can help a website owner or digital marketer to improve website position in SERP (Search Engine Results Page). If we perform the better off-page SEO, then we could get better results in website/blog rankings. Given below are few good steps which you can follow to perform better off-page SEO.

Shareable Content Creation

Interesting and informative content always helps to drive more engagement and attracts good number of visitors on website. Quality content is always the KING in search engine optimization. Test your skills with the words and create original and quality content which you can share with people. Content should be descriptive enough and have interesting and some new information. It will help to increase more organic traffic to your website or blog.

Reaching out to Influencer

Reaching out to influencers is always a best practice to reach out to different audience. If you have attractive content then you can always take help of influencers in promoting your website content. It also helps in enhancing your audience type because every influencer has its own audience. If you reach out to multiple influencers then you are expanding your audience and can get boost in your website’s organic traffic.

Pro Tip: Try to reach out influencers with related business category. It will add more value to your website visitors and site engagement.

Make your Contribution

Similar to influencers, you can conduct a research to find out blogs where you can share or write about your website. Target the quality platforms and show your skills. Never get into quantity while finding out the platforms.

Pro Tip: Don’t be repetitive while writing or sharing content. Always use fresh content which should be descriptive enough to attract visitors.

Use of Social Media

Social media plays a major role in many countries such as India. Users spent good amount of time on social media and trust information available on different social media platforms. Social media could be the game changers for you if you can use it correctly. You can target multiple categories such as business, entertainment, politics and many more. The best part about social media is, you can also attach direct links to your website and can get better off-page SEO results.

Pro Tip: Add info-graphics and attach links to your website or blog.

Social Bookmarking

One of the old but still effective off-page SEO techniques is social bookmarking. When you create bookmarks to your webpage or blog post on popular social bookmarking websites, you gain high traffic to your webpage or blog.

Forum Submission

Diving into forum conversations and putting your content wisely is the best use of forums. Initiate a conversation or reply to threats. You can also give your suggestions, advises and share your opinion.

Pro Tip: Always target the “Do-Follow” forums.

Question and Answer

One of the best ways to get better off-page SEO results & high traffic is question and answer websites. For this you can join high PR question and answer sites and search for questions related to your business category. Write your answer and give a link to your website or blog. If you do it wisely then you will definitely get a boost in your organic traffic.

Pro Tip: Never spam the forums with excessively link sharing. Try to be original and write quality answers.

Image Submission

Use image submission forums and website to show your creativity. You can also add reference links and attract good amount of visitors towards your blog/website. You can also include info-graphics in the list to get more effective & better off-page SEO results.

Pro Tip: Perform image optimization before posting images on internet platforms.

Google Launches Sold Here in Local Searches


Google released a new update in the month of December 2018. From December 3, 2018, people will be able to see the option of “Sold Here” in the google local listings. According to user search behavior, the listing would show the product information which includes “Sold Here” option. This was a minor update spotted by many SEO strategists in the month of November but it was unconfirmed till December. In the given below screenshot, you can see the changes.


Results after update

What would be the affects of this change?

This new update is going to solve problems for users who are struggling with the product line. Most of the listings don’t show product availability and sale status. This update would help the users to understand product sale status. For example, if any user searches for any particular product then the google listings would help him to differentiate between the stores who actually sell the product. After this update user would be able to understand clearly which stores in their area are actually selling the product and which stores are just service centers to provide after sale services like mobile stores and mobile service centers.

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Keyword Stemming in SEO: How does it work?

Keyword Stemming in SEO

Keyword Stemming in SEO

Every digital marketer wants to show his/her website or blog in SERP results by applying different digital marketing methods. In order to get the ranks, They apply different tricks and follow search engine algorithms to achieve better results. Today I am going to talk about use of Keyword Stemming in SEO. This practice is very common with blog writers and content generators.

Use of Keyword stemming in SEO is very simple. It is a method of using keyword with adding prefix and suffixes. For example, if you are targeting the word “Click” then you could add  post click, clicked, clickable and per-click within the content wisely. It would create the better chances to have traffic on your web for Focused keyword as well as for similar keywords.

Always keep the keyword lantern semantic method in your mind and follow LSI method while using keyword stemming. It would give you better results.

Tip: Learn about LSI keywords before getting into keyword stemming. It would give you a broad idea of using keywords wisely in website/blog content.

How does it work?

Now we know that this is a method of using keyword with adding prefix and suffixes. We can use this method while wring generating website/blog content. It would help you to make your written content rich and SEO friendly with better keyword usage. By using this method you can add lengths and to your write up and target more keywords within your content write-up. It would boost your keyword relevancy.

So this is all about how you can use Keyword Stemming in SEO and how does it work. If you have suggestions or feedback for this information then do comment below. You can also use our Contact-Us page to write to me directly. I will be happier to improve the quality of content.

Difference between Pogo Sticking in SEO and Bounce Rate in SEO

Pogo Sticking in SEO

Pogo Sticking in SEO

Bounce Rate in SEO and Pogo Sticking in SEO are two different terms and have different values. But it’s not easy to differentiate between these two terms because both the terms have similar impressions. Today I am going to explain you the difference between Bounce Rate in SEO and Pogo Sticking in SEO with examples.  I  hope it would help you to understand the basic difference between these two marketing terms.

Bounce rate: Bounce rates are considered as single page sessions. When we do SEO for blog/website, we analyze bounce rate to understand the audience behavior so that we could deliver the results. It is when the visitors navigate away from the website after viewing only one page and they close the window. You can learn What is Bounce Rate in SEO here.

Pogo Sticking: Pogo Sticking looks like bounce rate but there’s a very thin difference between both of them. In bounce rate, visitor lands on your website and close it that he/she could open another link with same search term but in Pogo Sticking, user with close the website and change the search term and again land on your website.

How it works

Example of Bounce rate: I am looking for SEO Answers, I typed on google and found but this is not what I was looking for so I closed the tab and went back to search results and open another link.

Example of Pogo Sticking: I am looking for SEO Answers, and I follow the same pattern and found and again I am not happy so I went back to search results and typed another keyword. Instead of SEO Answers, I typed “Best SEO Answers” but again I landed on so I closed it again.

Hope this would help you to understand the difference between Bounce Rate in SEO and Pogo Sticking in SEO. Do comment below your feedback for this information.

How to create best 6 second ads

best 6 second ads

Best 6 second ads

Digital marketing is evolving and every day we encounter something new. Being a Digital Marketer myself, I learn new things every day. Today we are going to talk about how you can someone create best 6 second ads. But before talking about creating best 6 second ads, let’s understand what kind of ads are these. All these small ads of small duration are called “Bumper ads”. This is kind of short video but very much effective ad format. It can deliver some extra ordinary results in customer reach and brand awareness.

How does it work?

This small advertisement plays before, during, or after another video. Because of its small duration, the viewers don’t have any option to skip the advertisement.

​What would be payment method for bumper ads?

Advertisers are charged based on advertisement impressions. Bumper ads use CPM (cost-per-thousand impressions) bidding, so the advertisers pay each time their ad is shown 1,000 times.


How can I create best 6 second ads?

It is not an easy task to capture someone’s attention in within seconds. It requires out of the box creativity and amazing skills on visual and audio. Creating media for 6 seconds with brand and product information along with visuals required some serious skills. But there are few steps which you can follow while creating bumper ads. If you follow the right steps, you can create best 6 second ads and get amazing results. Given below are few suggestions for creating the best 6 second ads.

  • Don’t compare bumper ads with display ads: Bumper ads are altogether different from other ad types and have it’s own value. It pretty common between marketers to create comparison between ad types. We are supposed to focus on ad campaigns instead of worrying about ad type. This would really help you to understand the better outcome of ad type.
  • Focus on simplicity. Creating ads with simple solutions would be the best option to gain attention of viewer. Being a product/service owner, you should always think about solving problem and delivering a solution to your audience. Don’t get into too much of competition. Focus on your provided solution.
  • Put the clarity & relevancy in your ads: The ad content should be contextually relevant and clear to your targeted audience. Always remember that you are showing your product/services to people who have shown interest in particular category. Try to maintain the relevancy while generating the ad idea.

These were few suggestions by which you can create best 6 second ads. If you have more suggestions then do comment below.

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How to add structured data to your website

Introduction to Structured Data

Every search engine has it’s algorithm to understand website content or data. Crawlers are bots and they better understand your website data or content if you help them read your website content by making it easy to understand. Structured data is a standardized format for providing information about a page and classifying the page content; for example, on an article page, Page title i.e. what is the article content, the name of author, category of article, date published, images, and so on. By the help of organized structured data, you can make crawlers to crawl, display and organize your website content in better way.

How to add Structured Data

In case of Google, it uses defined structured data to analyze your website and find on the website to understand page content. Also it collects information about the website and the world in general. For example, you can refer given below sample JSON-LD

Structured Data

  • Context: Add schema here
  • Type: Define type of your website
  • URL: This represents your business so put your company’s website URL.
  • Name: Put your company name. i.e. TheSEOGuy is my blog name.
  • Contact Point: Define contact point if your website has customer service department
  • Contact Point Type: This would be the type of customer service contact point
  • Telephone: Define the number along with country code i.e. “+91-000-000-0000”,
  • Contact Type: Put the name of contact point type. i.e. Customer service or Helpdesk

This script enables search engines to understand the purpose of your website. Google Search also uses structured data to enable special search result features and enhancements.

Google has defined the its importance and implementation steps in Google Introduction to Structured Data Guide

Benefits of Structured Data on your website

Structured Data is a compulsory option for all the websites. It is one of the most important features to get better results in SERP and gaining more visibility online. It will help you to improve your search engine listing performance and would give your better ranks.

However, it is not at all a ranking factor. There’s no official statement by search engines regarding the same. It can give you benefits in visibility but do not consider structured data as ranking factor. It is a process of providing quality information to search engines so that search engines could show better results to users.

If you have any feedback or suggestion on this information then do comment below or contact us here. I believe in sharing quality information. I am trying to create a better place for people who wanted answers of their SEO problems.

PageJacking in SEO


What is PageJacking in SEO

There are thousands of SEO techniques and methods which people practice to make their website famous or earn money instantly by running blogs. PageJacking is one of those techniques.  It can drive traffic to your website/blog by fooling search engines.

This is basically a process or illegally copy famous or well settled website content. Mostly by source code & put redirection on traffic so that it can be diverted to another platform/website. To accomplish pagejacking, a fraudulent pagejacker copies a favorite Web page from a reputable site, including its actual HTML code.

People who perform this method illegally direct traffic from the original site to cloned Web pages. Pagejacking method rely on search engines to index bogus site content to enable search result ranking and display with the original site.

How Pagejacking works

If you ever get redirected to a website which you don’t want to open then you have experienced the pagejacking. Mostly we can see these types of techniques on Download niche website. The websites which offer downloads. If the website visitor (user) clicks on download button, he/she get redirected to another website/blog. It works similar to Mousetrapping.  In mousetrapping, website owners create codes which eliminate the ability to close the website. It makes website visitor (user) to stay on website forcefully. When the user tries to click on close button, he/she get redirected to another website/blog.

Use of Pagejacking in SEO

This is a black hat SEO technique used by bloggers, affiliate marketers and people who doesn’t care about long term marketing benefits. This is strictly “NOT RECOMMENDED” method. If you are a digital marketer and looking for long term market results, then never follow any Black Hat SEO technique. This technique has different names such as Trafficjacking, viewsjacking and visitorjacking.

Hope this information would help you to understand pagejacking technique and it’s usage.

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Here is how to do SEO Cross linking

SEO Cross Linking

SEO Cross Linking

SEO Cross linking is a method use to exchange links between two different site. It allows users to reference sites with content similar to that which they are already viewing, and may be of further interest to them.

For example Mr. X is a guy who is running a website which is based on Category A and Mr. Y is a guy who is also running a website which is based on similar category (A). The website traffic is almost same on both the websites. In this case Mr. X & Mr. Y can use cross linking to generate better SEO score and more traffic and engagement on their portals.

Things to remember while doing SEO Cross Linking

Rely on Original content and do perform a content check before doing SEO Cross Linking.

During the method of Cross Linking, user gets redirected from point A to Point be so you have to be more specific with content and give user quality and original content so that your purpose of cross linking would accomplished. A user should learn something new or different from the other site. It can be similar in theme and subject, and in fact will promote better link quality through cross linking if it is similar, but it must be unique.

IP addresses & hosting of both the websites should be different

I always prefer myself to be more safety conscious when it comes to SEO. It may be possible that search engine crawlers won’t penalize your web but it is always good to be prepare and keep yourself on safer side.

Avoid Access Cross Linking

Being a user, you won’t like to be redirected to another website/page every time you click on any information. Use the SEO Cross linking method. It means do not use it excessively. Use the method to gain SEO benefits but always keep your website user behavior in your mind.

Anchor Texts plays an important role in better SEO Cross Linking

Try to be creative and if you can use keyword rich anchor text around your cross linking, it will be more appealing to the search engine crawlers. SEO marketing is about combining all kinds of SEO strategies, so using cross linking in conjunction with keyword text is always best.

Don’t get into “link ring”. A link ring is when multiple websites/blogs are cross linking to each other, with no other sites linked into the ring they create. Search engines will penalize this kind of cross linking immediately.

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