URL indexing in Google

URL indexing in Google

Which tools are best for direct URL indexing in Google

After developing the website/blog every website owner want to get his/her website indexed in Google servers. URL indexing in Google is always on high priority for every website owner. Earlier, there was a tool called “Google URL Submission Box” which helped a lot of people to get their website indexed faster in google servers. It was very easy to use and very effective for people who want simple tools to get their website URL’s indexed. In order to use the tool users have to type “Submit URL to google” and hit enter. A box will appear in SERP where users can paste their URL which they wanted to indexed and click on submit. This was the easiest way but on July-25-2018, Google removed this tool. They have an official announcement on their twitter handle.


Since Google has removed the “Google URL submission box” there’s only one option left with users which is search console (Webmaster tool). Users can also use the feature of “Fetch as google” for URL indexing.

However, it is always good to submit the sitemap after updating content or creating content on website. It gives you better results than submitting a particular URL.

Normally it take some time to get your URL’s indexed so you have to be patient after submitting sitemap or using “Fetch as google”. If you wanted to see whether the link is indexed by Google or not then you can use new search console. Follow given below steps to find out URL indexing in google status by using new search console

Open https://search.google.com/search-console

Login with your email id & Password

Choose property

Click on URL Inspection from left hand side menu

Paste the url in box and hit enter

Refer the screenshot below

URL indexing in Google

You can see the status of URL in front of you. It is one of the option in new search console (Google Webmaster tool). For more SEO Tips & Tricks keep exploring TheSEOGuy.

Original Images vs Stock Images in SEO

Original Images vs Stock Images in SEO

Should I create original images for my blog articles or use stock images?

It is always recommended to use original images over stock images. You can perform image optimization and use alt tags. Google can’t see images but can read alt tags and it would work great if you have original images. If you have the knowledge and skill to do it, then creating your own thumbnail for your blog, as well as the images within the blog, is the finest idea. No matter if you are using a free blog or a paid one, this is a great way to get additional traffic to your site (use the right Alt Text). Moreover, this ensures that you have the most relevant images based on your blog. Stock images do not always fit the context, especially if you are writing something unique.

Advantage of using original images

When you perform reverse image search with your original images, you will find number of your blog/website links and few similar business/niche domains. Reverse image search is pretty much common in few countries and people like to dig as much as information if they really like your product/information. It would help you to attract new visitors and drive more engagement on your website/blog. Original content is always better than using copied content.

Disadvantage of using stock images

When you perform reverse image search you can actually see the number of business/website/blogs have used the same image. It doesn’t create good impression on user. Stock images are quickly well-known but also well-ignored. User would not be interested in images which they have already seen somewhere else. It doesn’t attract new users on your website/blog.

Tip: Use images with little informative text or try to use info-graphics on your post to share little bit information of your product/information.

How to Enable Robots.txt file in wordpress

Robots.txt file

How to enable robot.txt file in WordPress?

Having problems with robots.txt file is not good for website performance. In order to fix Robots.txt, first you need to check what is wrong with the file. In order to see live robots you can try to open live robots file by writing your domain name followed by robots.txt in url. For example you have to write example.com/robots.txt and hit enter to see live robots.

However, You can also test the robots file in webmaster. All you need to do is, login to webmaster and select the property and choose crawl from the left hand side menu and hit robots.txt tester.

Refer the screenshot below to test robots file


You can test the urls and see if there’s any problem with indexing by using this option in google webmaster console aka search console.

How to fix robots.txt file in wordpress

If you are using wordpress and facing this problem then you can solve this problem in minutes. The best way to solve this problem is by using yoast plugin. You have to install yoast plugin into your wordpress. Once you install and activate the plugin, navigate to the SEO › Tools tab in your dashboard, and look for the option that says File editor:

wordpress step one

Clicking on that link will send you to a new page, where you can edit your .htaccess file without leaving your dashboard. There’s also a handy button that reads Create robots.txt file, which does exactly what you’d expect:

Once you click on this button, the tab will display a new editor where you can modify your robots.txt file directly. Keep in mind that Yoast SEO sets its own default rules, which override your existing virtual robots.txt file.

Whenever you add or remove rules, remember to click on the Save changes to robots.txt button, so they persist:

wordpress step three

That’s easy enough! Now let’s see how another popular plugin does the same thing.

However, if you don’t have plugin installed then you can try to download or create generic robots.txt file and upload it by using filezilla.

Follow Upload Files Using the FileZilla FTP Client (Windows & Mac) to know how to upload files using filezilla.

Best Free SEO Tools

Best Free SEO Tools

Best free SEO tools

There are thousands of Free SEO Tools available online and each tools has it’s different USP’s. Every tool is important according to your need but there few most important tools which you can use for better SEO results. As per my experience in SEO, I would suggest you to have a look on given below suggestions.

  • Google Analytics
  • Data Studio
  • Google optimize
  • Tag Manager
  • Keyword planner
  • Google Webmaster aka Search Console
  • Structured data testing tool
  • Email markup tester
  • Structured data markup helper
  • Google Suit

Apart from these many tools, if you have any custom requirement for your blog or website then you can choose between paid tools available in market. But as far as SEO concern, you can solve almost every SEO problem by using above listed tools.

Pro Tip for SEO Tools

Using tools wisely for better performance is much more important than relying on paid tools. You can have as much as tools for better performance. But you should always have better understanding of marketing. It will help you to decrease your dependency on paid tools.

Using tools are good but don’t always rely on tools. Search engine optimization require skills and efforts. Always keep a track on tool performance and understand the tool completely before using it.