How to choose best keywords from Keyword Planner

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How to choose best keywords from Keyword Planner

In order to conduct research to find out the best keywords from keyword planner tool, first you need to put major keywords related to your business in tool and hit find keywords. You will get the list of keywords within the console. But how to find out which is the better keyword? In order to get the answer of this question, you have to follow basic keyword research strategy. Given below are the steps which you can follow:

  • Get help of google trends: Put the keywords in google trends and see if any keyword is performing well. Analyze the search trend by reviewing search data for multiple countries. It will give you a broad idea about keyword performance in different locations.
  • Use keyword suggestions: Follow the suggestive keywords from search engines. For that you can use multiple search engines such as duckduckgo, bing, qwant, Ecosia, and wikipedia.  Try product search by using e-commerce portals such as amazon. At the end you can also use social media platforms such as facebook, twitter, reddit, quora andYoutube to collect relevant keyword data.
  • Focus on search numbers: Analyze and focus on maximum search volumes while doing your keyword research using keyword planner tool. Pick the keywords with maximum searches and use it correctly within the content.
  • Use Filters during keyword research: Use the filters to get the best outcome of keyword search volume in keyword planner keywords keyword planner tool

I hope, after these steps you will be able to verify which keyword you actually want and which can perform for your business/website/blog. You can also follow How to use keywords for better SEO results to enhance your SEO results. If you have suggestions and feedback for this content then please comment below.

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