How to create high quality backlinks for any website

high quality backlinks

How to create high quality backlinks for any website

Every marketer has this question when they start working on a website. Building backlinks are easy but it’s very hard to generate high quality backlinks. This is very common and most asked question by marketers, SEO specialist and bloggers. There are thousands of tools available by which you can generate high quality backlinks. But building original quality link is some which I prefer. You can follow given below steps to create backlinks.

Social backlinks: Use your social media presence and post your links on verified social platforms. Use the trending content and try to link your website link with the content. Use all of your social platforms to do the same.

Web2.0 Web2.0 work on UGC (User Generate Content) it could be the social media platform or other content based platform which works on user engagement. It is easy to generate high quality backlinks and can help a lot. However, consider checking the page authority. If you are getting do follow links then it would be the best platform to built backlinks.

Micro-blogging These platforms work on your content creativity. Micro blogs are platform which are content based but you have very little space to create a buzz about link. Built the backlinks and use the anchor texts wisely to get best out of it.

Gust Posts and Blog Commenting

Another standard practice is “commenting”. You can use following tips for blog guest posts. Use Google search queries to find blogs accepting guest contributors:

  • Your keyword + inurl:write-for-us
  • Your keyword + guest-posts
  • Your keyword + inurl:guest-post-guidelines
  • Your keyword + become a contributor
  • Your keyword + bloggers wanted
  • Your keyword + submit an article
  • Your keyword + want to write for
  • Your keyword + contribute
  • Your keyword + become an author
  • Your keyword + guest post by
  • Your keyword + now accepting guest posts

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