Best ways to market android app & iOS app

Best ways to market android

Internet searches are changing so fast. It has completely shifted from Desktop to Mobile in past few years. Now the internet platforms are attracted towards mobile apps. It brings some more hard work for website owners and business owners. Now it is important to create marketing strategy for mobile app marketing as well thus every marketer is looking for best ways to market android app & iOS app. Today we are going to learn few best ways to market android app and iOS app.

Originality is the Key:

Chances of getting people’s attention are very low if you are just copying ideas. You should create an app with original idea. Your app should solve problem of people. Or you could be the first developer to come outwith your type of app or Present an existing category of app in a new, unique way. You should always do your market research at first, and then create pre-launch and post-launch campaigns according to your marketing strategy.

APP Store Optimization

As we have discussed in Mobile App Marketing tips, ASO is one of the strongest methods to optimize your app performance and create a better marketing strategy. It will help you to understand user behavior so that you could adjust your marketing campaigns according to it and get the best out of it. ASO stands for App store optimization. It is the process of improving the visibility of a mobile application in an application store. Just like SEO (search engine optimization), which is for websites. ASO (App store optimization) is for mobile applications.

Use of Electronic Media

You can use free press release for your app installation by inviting your potential users. Give them a chance to play with your app and test on their own. Share your app by giving viewers some high-resolution views of the product. Another ways is to conduct Quiz Contests related to your app business category and engage users. Distributing prizes would definitely attract users to take part and increase the app installs.

Build a micro-site

Having a micro-site would help you to use multiple internet platforms. You can share your app USP’s on website and share link on uncountable number of internet platforms. You can get into discussion groups and initiate a conversation, you can share website link on social media platforms such as facebook, twitter, linkedin, quora, reddit & tumblr.

Reviews & Feedback

The very first thing user checks before installing an app is reviews. So you should have some good reviews on your app feedback page. But while promoting app you could get help of different internet platforms where people could see your app reviews. For example you can use ProductHunt & Betalist. You could also involve influencers and bloggers who can write app& website reviews on their platform. This is the easiest and best ways to market android app.

Invest your time in studying the competition

Pre- launch marketing strategy starts with stalking competitive apps and understanding their success algorithm. Do your deep research and find key points to target. It is not going to easy to beat competition with same app idea. However, it also helps if you are going to launch an original idea. You can review the similar apps and get better vision of handling upcoming user feedback/suggestions and problems.

So this was the list of few best ways to market android app& iOS app. Hope it would help you in your upcoming business idea. If you have any suggestions then do comment below. You can also share the information with others.

Mobile App Marketing tips 2020

Mobile App Marketing

Mobile App Marketing

India is a very big market for every business idea. If you are a business owner and have your own mobile app available in play store or app store then you can follow few steps to bring a change in business results. You could create a strong mobile app marketing strategy for your business. Today I am going to share few steps which could help you to develop better mobile app marketing strategy. So let’s start learning.

First of all you have to identify USP (Unique Selling Price) of your mobile application. If you know your audience well then it would be easy for you to target the right audience. Today I am going to share few key points to create a strong mobile app marketing strategy.  Developing and marketing a business mobile phone application which can beat the competitive mobile applications is not an easy task for business owners. There are thousands of similar applications available in market. It means you are already getting tough competition for your mobile application and if you want to stand ahead of competition then you should have a systematic approach.

Mobile App Marketing Suggestions

Mobile app market has limited options to show your creativity with marketing ideas. But if you follow the right strategy then you could earn a lot of positive results. All you need to do is, just implement small changes. Given below are few mobile app marketing tips.

Do the ASO

ASO stands for App store optimization. It is the process of improving the visibility of a mobile application in an application store. Just like SEO (search engine optimization), which is for websites. ASO (App store optimization) is for mobile applications.

Mobile App Title

Write the descriptive but quality title for your mobile app. While writing mobile app title, focus on app USP’s, how it works, what it does and put application name if possible. It is always good to create an app title based on common search terms or use a branded name that you can copyright. Keep the user search behavior in your mind while writing about the mobile app.

Use of Keywords in Mobile app

When it comes to keywords, focus on relevancy and search volume. Do not forget to do an analysis for keywords to find out which keywords could do the best for your mobile app.

Mobile App Description

Curiosity is the key but do not use it excessively. Write first few lines of your mobile app description as an advertisement copy, with the purpose to generate curiosity and build interest in your app. The reason for this is the app store only displays the first 2-3 lines of text before users need to tap on the ‘more’ tab.

Mobile app Visuals & Screenshots

When you are showing your mobile app in app store, an attractive icon can play a major role in user engagement. A good icon would add more value to your mobile app presentation and will encouraging users to download your mobile app. same goes with screenshots as well. Screenshots works as banner or posters for your mobile app. You can show your creativity and add the best banner of your mobile app. Try to use screenshots as user manual & banner at the same time and educate users how your mobile app works by the screenshots.

Additional Mobile App Marketing Tips

Taking help of influencer’s: Once you are done with ASO (App Store Optimization), you can reach out to Blogs and industry experts. Try to generate their interest in your mobile app. Once they are convinced, you can ask them to share your mobile app on their social media handles or their personal blog or website.

Create a list of app review website: Create a list of website or blogs which can write a review of mobile apps. Try to get your mobile app reviews there.

Use Social Platforms:  Write some out of the box high quality content about your mobile application on social platforms. Develop a higher response rate to create better engagement. It is the best option to convert a normal visitor into potential user.

Keep an eye on similar apps: While interacting with people over social platforms, analyze what people are talking about similar mobile applications or category of apps.

Pro tips for Mobile App Marketing

Create a teaser website or Blog. Generating curiosity between people always works. Do this systematically. Get a teaser blog or website for your mobile app before one or two months ago before the app launch. Keep the curiosity between people by posting daily updates about your mobile app. The best option would be getting a short explainer video and keep on updating the video content till the app launch date.

Talking on public & social forums about the problem which your app is going to solve would help to drive more engagement & interest towards your mobile app. Research events that touch on the subject your application addresses and appear.

Few good tools for Mobile App Marketing

It is always good to use the better tools for better marketing results. If you are going to launch a mobile application, then it would be good for you to have knowledge about few good mobile app marketing tools. Given below are few good tools which can give a boost to your mobile app marketing strategy.

  • App Annie
  • Gummicube
  • App Radar
  • Lab Cave
  • PreApps
  • Tune
  • Appfigures
  • SensorTower
  • StoreMaven
  • TheTool
  • AppTopia
  • PrioriData
  • ASODesk
  • AppCodes
  • Mobile Action
  • AppTweak
  • SearchMan
  • Keyword Tool
  • appScatter
  • SplitMetrics
  • RankMyApps

Hope this information would help you to get a better mobile app marketing strategy for your upcoming mobile app or existing mobile app. You may also like Innovative ways to increase traffic to your website for free.

However, if you have any suggestion or feedback for this information then do comment below. You can help me in sharing the right and quality information with everyone.

Also, don’t forget to share this information with people who are keen to learn mobile app marketing . Hope this information would help you to understand mobile app marketing better. Keep exploring TheSEOGuy for Latest SEO Tips and SEO Tricks.