How to add keywords in Google Business Page

Google Business Page

Here is how to add keywords in Google Business Page

Keywords play an important role while we are running marketing projects. We all know how to add keywords on different platforms. Today I am going to talk about how we can add keywords in google business page. There are three options to add keywords in google business page.

  1. Add strong description: Open and go to info option from the left hand side menu. Provide the complete information such as services, attributes and Description. While adding information, you can use the focused keywords wisely and add them in information. Having a strong description would work for you which has all the quality keywords.
  2. Create Posts: You can create posts in google business page for 300 words. You can try to be creative and use the keywords in your post. Try to add an article every day. You will get the benefit according to your page reach. These posts are available for 3 days for visitors and you can see them after 3 days in your admin panel or withing google site which is available in left hand side menu under “Website” option.
  3. Testimonials: You can ask your service users to write a testimonial for your services. Most of the keywords are covered when talking about services for example, I have a blog or website and I am providing service or information, then people would talk about my services and information which will cover most of the keywords.

Tip: Never share any incentive with people for writing google plus reviews. It is NOT AT ALL RECOMMENDED.

Try to be genuine and more specific with google to get better rankings. If you will try shortcuts then you might not stay on top for a longer period of time. Always rely on white hat SEO techniques.