Meaning of High competition keyword and Low competition keywords

Meaning of High or low competition keywords

If we are discussing about high or low competition keyword, then probably we know some about digital marketing. Today’s topic is focused to provide better information on keyword usage. I am going to explain the meaning of high or low competition keyword in this article. It will help you to choose right keywords to target and create an enhanced marketing strategy for your website or blog.

Often we get this question from beginners that how to choose the best keywords? As soon as they start using keyword research tools, they get confused between high competition keyword and low competition keywords. Let’s get the confusion clear and learn about both of these keyword types today. But before getting into the details, let’s understand what keywords are and how to use them in a best possible manner.


As I’ve mentioned in my previous post “How to use keywords for better SEO results”, Keywords are basically the words or phrases which search engines match with your website content or advertisement with the terms people are searching for. While optimizing website we always try to use keywords for better SEO results. For example, for my blog “TheSEOGuy” I prefer people to search “The SEO Guy India”. Because my blog’s TLD represents country India. So this is an important keyword for me and I am using this keyword while performing On-Page SEO. Similarly people target keywords for their product, services and brand pages.

In order to perform well, I use multiple keyword research tools to collect the keywords data and do my research. But when I started I was confused between them but not anymore. Since you know about the keywords, now let’s understand about high or low competition keywords.

High Competition Keywords

High competition keywords are those keywords which are picked by advertisers to drive more sales to their website. Let’s understand by one example. I am a SEO Strategist who sometimes does freelancing. Whenever I will run an ad campaign to promote my blog, I will target the keywords which can give me opportunities to reach out people who are looking for SEO Services. In this situation I will target keywords like “SEO Services in Delhi” “SEO freelancers in Delhi” “SEO Companies in Delhi”.

So “SEO Services” is a low competition keyword but has very much high search volume but “SEO Services in Delhi” is a high competition keyword with low search volume or maybe high search volume.

Let’s take one example from given below images

high or low competition keyword

In this images, you can see that “Online Digital Marketing” is a high competition keyword when we look for Digital marketing company (Refer the searched keywords on the top). The Average monthly searches for this keyword are pretty good and I can use this in my next campaign. On the other hand, Top SEO Agency is showing exactly same average monthly searches but the competition is low. I can understand that this keyword is not picked by marketers because of low conversion rate so I can avoid it. Don’t think that all low competition keywords are bad because they have no competition. I will explain the use of low competition keywords as well.

*Note* you will get competition on most of the keywords but few keywords would give you a blank value (-) which means that google doesn’t have enough data for that particular keyword to categorize it as “Low, Medium or High competition Keyword”.

Use of High Competition Keywords

As I’ve explained above, high competition keywords are basically used in ad campaigns where marketers are looking to drive more sales. These are the key factor for all successful advertisement campaigns. You can choose any platform to run your advertisements by collecting data of high competition keywords. You can use as many keyword research tools to collect the data. Here I have given you one example of “Keyword Planner Tool” by google. It is the most frequent tool used by digital marketers to collect keyword data. You can switch between tools according to your convenience.

Low Competition Keywords

Low competition keywords are those keywords which has less competition because marketers who run ad campaigns don’t pick them while designing ad campaign. That’s the only difference. These keywords are good for you if you are focused on SEO because you can achieve better ranks on these keywords while working for SERP (Search Engine Result Pages). Sometimes low competition keywords has huge search volume and you can consider them using while performing On-Page SEO and Off-Page SEO. Here few Necessary steps for better off-page SEO.

Tip: Always target the industry keywords while picking up the low competition keywords. Broaden searches are good but it should be related to your website category or business niche.

Use of Low competition Keywords

Low Competition keywords are basically they keywords to achieve ranks on search engine result pages. You can target them to get ranks and grow your audience. If you have a new website or blog which needs people’s attention, then start with low competition keywords to achieve good ranks. It will help you to grow your website audience organically. If you do the right SEO for your website or blog, then you can also achieve ranks on some high competition keywords as well. As soon as you get results on low competition keywords, you can start targeting high competition keywords and push your limits to get better reach.


Better understanding of High or low competition keywords would give you better results in SEO (Search Engine Optimization) as well as SEM (Search Engine Marketing). You can choose between keywords according to your need and get better results.

I hope this information of high or low competition keywords would help you to understand the difference between competitions. Now you know the use and meaning of high competition keywords and low competition keywords. If you have any feedback or suggestion on this information then do comment below. Or use my contact page to get in touch with me. You can write freely and help me to make it a better platform for all SEO Answers. I am always open and ready for all feedback and suggestions.