Image Optimization for Google Search

Image Optimization

Image Optimization for Google Search

If you are running a website or blog on wordpress then you should always optimize images because it would help you to get some additional benefits. Apart from getting SEO benefits, you can avoid issues such as improper visualization, image load speed and better quality. In order to perform image optimization you can follow given below steps.

Specify the image name: Give your creative/images proper name instead of saving them by generic names. Having a name on image would work as short description. So you should always have it.

ALT tags: If you are into SEO then I believe you know the importance of ALT tags and its relevance. Never ever ignore alt tags when it comes to image optimization. Crawlers may not see your images but they can read the alt tags on your image.

Use Descriptive captions: If you are running a blog then it is one of the important features for both your blog viewers and google. Put a caption on images would give you better engagement and help people to remember about your article

Focus on image size: This is one of the task which you should always perform because image optimization can’t be completed without creating images with required size. The major benefit is, you can decrease the image load time on your blog or website and can expert better site load time. Do not use heavy images on your wordpress blog/website. It will create problems in load time.

Use of dimensions: Most of the website owners get their images done by professional image editors but when it comes to blog/personal profiles, people do it on their own and use the dimensions which they are not suppose to use. Keep an eye on image size and use the right size while uploading.

Original Images vs Stock Images in SEO

Original Images vs Stock Images in SEO

Should I create original images for my blog articles or use stock images?

It is always recommended to use original images over stock images. You can perform image optimization and use alt tags. Google can’t see images but can read alt tags and it would work great if you have original images. If you have the knowledge and skill to do it, then creating your own thumbnail for your blog, as well as the images within the blog, is the finest idea. No matter if you are using a free blog or a paid one, this is a great way to get additional traffic to your site (use the right Alt Text). Moreover, this ensures that you have the most relevant images based on your blog. Stock images do not always fit the context, especially if you are writing something unique.

Advantage of using original images

When you perform reverse image search with your original images, you will find number of your blog/website links and few similar business/niche domains. Reverse image search is pretty much common in few countries and people like to dig as much as information if they really like your product/information. It would help you to attract new visitors and drive more engagement on your website/blog. Original content is always better than using copied content.

Disadvantage of using stock images

When you perform reverse image search you can actually see the number of business/website/blogs have used the same image. It doesn’t create good impression on user. Stock images are quickly well-known but also well-ignored. User would not be interested in images which they have already seen somewhere else. It doesn’t attract new users on your website/blog.

Tip: Use images with little informative text or try to use info-graphics on your post to share little bit information of your product/information.