Google SEO Updates

google seo updates

Google SEO updates

Keeping regular information of Google SEO updates is important if you are into digital marketing. In order to get better results in marketing, you should have the right information with you. You can only design your marketing strategies if you are aware about latest algorithm updates of search engines. Google SEO updates can help you designing effective marketing strategies. You can achieve your goals if you are doing everything right according to search engine algorithms.

Whenever Google releases updates, they publish it on their official blog. You can follow official google blog here but this is not the only platform where google releases its updates. Google also use social media to create awareness about upcoming products and updates for its users.

You can keep an eye on their official twitter handle Google Webmasters (@googlewmc) | Twitter. You can track the latest updates, information and get to know about Google’s upcoming projects here.

Google Custom Alerts

If you are more concerned about Google SEO Updates, Google SEO tips and techniques then you can create custom alerts for the same. Custom alerts would give you deep information about Google products, tips and much more. Creating custom alerts is an easy process. If you don’t know how to create custom alerts then you can follow the steps given below to create alerts.

  1. login to gmail
  2. visit Monitor the Web for interesting new content (
  3. Put the search terms in the box on which you want updates or you can also click on + button to add categories
  4. Click on create alert

According to your custom alert keywords, you will be notified by Google through emails.

Tip: Create a folder in your gmail and label all Google alert messages to keep them in a easily available directory. It will save your time to find particular email from your inbox.