How to add structured data to your website

Introduction to Structured Data

Every search engine has it’s algorithm to understand website content or data. Crawlers are bots and they better understand your website data or content if you help them read your website content by making it easy to understand. Structured data is a standardized format for providing information about a page and classifying the page content; for example, on an article page, Page title i.e. what is the article content, the name of author, category of article, date published, images, and so on. By the help of organized structured data, you can make crawlers to crawl, display and organize your website content in better way.

How to add Structured Data

In case of Google, it uses defined structured data to analyze your website and find on the website to understand page content. Also it collects information about the website and the world in general. For example, you can refer given below sample JSON-LD

Structured Data

  • Context: Add schema here
  • Type: Define type of your website
  • URL: This represents your business so put your company’s website URL.
  • Name: Put your company name. i.e. TheSEOGuy is my blog name.
  • Contact Point: Define contact point if your website has customer service department
  • Contact Point Type: This would be the type of customer service contact point
  • Telephone: Define the number along with country code i.e. “+91-000-000-0000”,
  • Contact Type: Put the name of contact point type. i.e. Customer service or Helpdesk

This script enables search engines to understand the purpose of your website. Google Search also uses structured data to enable special search result features and enhancements.

Google has defined the its importance and implementation steps in Google Introduction to Structured Data Guide

Benefits of Structured Data on your website

Structured Data is a compulsory option for all the websites. It is one of the most important features to get better results in SERP and gaining more visibility online. It will help you to improve your search engine listing performance and would give your better ranks.

However, it is not at all a ranking factor. There’s no official statement by search engines regarding the same. It can give you benefits in visibility but do not consider structured data as ranking factor. It is a process of providing quality information to search engines so that search engines could show better results to users.

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