How to change URL Parameters of website

URL Parameters

How to change URL Parameter of website by search console

Changing URL parameter of website is a risky task until you don’t know about it completely. Even when you try to adjust URL parameter of website by using search console, you will get a warning. Basically URL parameters are decided by google. Website owners can make the changes according to their marketing strategy. Take the reference of given below sample URL parameter to have better understanding

  1. https ://example .com
  2. https ://www. example .com
  3. example .com

If you are willing to change URL parameter then you should know it totally depends on your Content Management System or platform. If you are using PHP then you can follow steps mentioned at 410 redirect url with dynamic GET parameters or do a research on “How to change dynamic URL into static URL” it will definitely give you some amazing answers.

You can follow given below steps to make changes in URL parameters.

  1. login to webmasters
  2. Click on Crawl form the left hand side menu
  3. Choose URL parameters
  4. You will get a warning “Use this feature only if you’re sure how parameters work. Incorrectly excluding URLs could result in many pages disappearing from search.” If you are 100% sure about this then you can proceed and adjust the parameters according to your need.

Attached is the screenshot for your reference.

URL Parameters

This is a Critical change to make. So you have to be 100% sure and have good understanding of URL structure and parameters. It is good to refer google guidelines before using this feature. You can find the Google Guidelines on URL structure and parameters at Use URL parameter to send data to your site

However, if you are concerned about google ads url parameter then you should know that you can insert URL parameter into your campaign URLs so that you can track information about clicks. URL parameters are made of a key and a value separated by an equals sign (=) and joined by an ampersand (&). The first parameter always comes after a question mark in a URL. For example,

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