What Do You Do If website Rankings are Dropped?

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What Do You Do If website Rankings are Dropped?

First we need to understand the reason behind the rank drops. There are thousands of reasons by which can use drop in website rankings. You can follow certain practices to find out the reason behind rank drop. Sometimes it is due to search engine algorithm updates. But sometimes it is because of false marketing practices. Whatever the reason is, you can find it by following given below steps.

Use Webmasters: – This is one of the most important tool to use when you see a sudden rank drop. If you are getting any message or information in your webmaster inbox then review it and try to fix the problem. Webmaster data can be analyzed to see the search performance. Optimize the weekly or monthly search keywords under “Search Analytics” and see if there’s any problem.

Google Analytics: – Another Google Tool to check the reason behind sudden drop in website rankings. If you have huge organic traffic and suddenly it drops down then review the channels and try to create a filter on property to avoid future problems. Follow detailed guide of Managing and creating filter by google here (https://support.google.com/analytics/answer/1034823?hl=en)

Search Engine Algorithm: – Most of the time rankings move up and down because of search engine algorithm updates. So you should always keep an eye on SEO table to see recent google update and keep on making the changes in website content according to update to avoid penalty and rank drops.

Adwords: – If you are driving traffic through ad-campaigns, then go through all the running campaigns and see if any campaign is not performing. Either you can boost the campaign by making certain changes or remove the campaign and create another one.

Social Traffic: – Websites receive a lot of traffic from social media these days. It is one of the easiest platforms to drive traffic but sometimes it doesn’t perform according to expectations. In this situation, optimize the social content and do a proper SMO to improve it.

These are major steps you can perform to see the cause of rank drops. Once you get the reason, start working on it and get the ranks back. However, you can also perform normal SEO check up. You can follow given below steps to perform a SEO check for your website whenever you see sudden drop in website rankings.

  • Perform a backlinks check by using webmaster tool under “Links to your site”
  • PR links performance
  • Do a regular check on referral traffic
  • Review all web 2.0 links if you have created any for your website or blog
  • Refresh the PBN, micro-blogs and directory submission.
  • Check for the Dead URLs
  • Go for URL fixes and see if any URL is giving you error
  • Avoid Keyword stuffing and see any article or page where you have stuffed keywords
  • Review webmaster errors and fix them on priority
  • Check the schema markup
  • Review the content and see if you can make changes to get back your website rankings

Perform the checks and work smartly.