How to change URL Parameters of website

URL Parameters

How to change URL Parameter of website by search console

Changing URL parameter of website is a risky task until you don’t know about it completely. Even when you try to adjust URL parameter of website by using search console, you will get a warning. Basically URL parameters are decided by google. Website owners can make the changes according to their marketing strategy. Take the reference of given below sample URL parameter to have better understanding

  1. https ://example .com
  2. https ://www. example .com
  3. example .com

If you are willing to change URL parameter then you should know it totally depends on your Content Management System or platform. If you are using PHP then you can follow steps mentioned at 410 redirect url with dynamic GET parameters or do a research on “How to change dynamic URL into static URL” it will definitely give you some amazing answers.

You can follow given below steps to make changes in URL parameters.

  1. login to webmasters
  2. Click on Crawl form the left hand side menu
  3. Choose URL parameters
  4. You will get a warning “Use this feature only if you’re sure how parameters work. Incorrectly excluding URLs could result in many pages disappearing from search.” If you are 100% sure about this then you can proceed and adjust the parameters according to your need.

Attached is the screenshot for your reference.

URL Parameters

This is a Critical change to make. So you have to be 100% sure and have good understanding of URL structure and parameters. It is good to refer google guidelines before using this feature. You can find the Google Guidelines on URL structure and parameters at Use URL parameter to send data to your site

However, if you are concerned about google ads url parameter then you should know that you can insert URL parameter into your campaign URLs so that you can track information about clicks. URL parameters are made of a key and a value separated by an equals sign (=) and joined by an ampersand (&). The first parameter always comes after a question mark in a URL. For example,

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Things to avoid during website SEO

Things to avoid during website SEO

Website SEO Strategies for a new website

Website SEO Strategy could decide the growth of your business. If you are working towards business growth, you need to work on online presence as well. A good online presence can be achieved by gaining good ranks on product/services keywords. In order to do that you need a better website SEO strategy for your newly launched website. But while doing SEO for website, we commit common mistakes which can be avoided.

Today I am going to share some common mistakes which we commit while working on SEO strategies for a new website. Mistakes are common but we should learn from mistakes and if we have right people in team, we could avoid those mistakes. There are certain things to avoid during website SEO of a website or blog. I would like to add few basic points in the list from my experience in Digital Marketing as SEO Strategist.

Given below are three common key aspects of marketing strategy which we miss while building SEO strategies.

  • Avoid Short Cuts: When we are working on a project or doing SEO for our personal website/blog, the very first thing to do is Keep patience. SEO is not a magic wand which can give you results over night. It require good amount of time.
  • Focus on Quality: Always focus on quality instead of quantity. Never compromise your future with short term success.
  • Do your research: Always do deep researches before diving into any product and creating marketing strategy. You may require numbers to compare and decide what you want. Start from ground zero and take help of each and every report. Analyzing is the best way to drive better results.

These are the basic steps which we need to follow but we miss them. Apart from these, you could check out few technical suggestions as well.

Technical suggestions

  • Never miss out monitoring. Daily monitoring of analytics data. Especially source/medium and compare data with previous data.
  • Do not let the data disappeared from webmaster. Download Backlinks data from webmaster under “Links to your Site” every week and keep an eye on performing keywords. Every week you would see new keywords which can help you in future website content.
  • “NEVER COPY” any data from any source. Always rely on original content. Be it images or text you should never use copied content in your website.
  • Do not built backlinks in bulk without checking spam score of the website. Always keep an eye on link back sites. Sometimes you would see URL’s in webmaster which you don’t remember. So check the spam score of website and if it doesn’t meet your standard then get rid of URL ASAP by using “remove URL” tool in search console.
  • Follow the practice of 1 link from 100 URLs instead of 100 links from 1 URL while building backlinks. Using variety of anchor text would certainly give you good results.
  • Don’t rely on paid tools. Technology is good but it is always good to learn each thing every day. Always ask yourself that why you need paid tools and what kind of problem they are going to solve.
  • Content is king. Always focus on generating quality content for your website or blog. Never ever copy content from different sources. Try to generate your own original content.
  • Understand the user behavior and our audience while creating pages on your web. A better UI/UX could help you to decrease bounce rate which is a ranking factor.

FAQs – Website SEO Mistakes

You may also check out Common SEO Mistakes, an information which will help you to avoid most common mistakes in SEO. You could built better SEO Strategy if you keep all the steps in mind and avoid these common SEO mistakes.

Hope this information would help you to understand do’s and don’t in SEO and focus on building better SEO strategy for your website.

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