Change wordpress login URL without plugins and with plugins

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You can wordpress login URL without plugin and with plugin

Today’s topic is based on how you can change wordpress login url without the help of plugins and with the help of plugins. I am going to share few cools steps to do that. There are multiple ways by which you can change wordpress login url page. You can customize according to your need but the process is not easy and you should be very careful while making such changes. One single mistake could affect your website or blog badly and may create additional problems. So make sure you know what you are going to do.

Before getting into the process of learning how to change worddpress login url, let’s understand why we do it and what are the benefits of doing this.

Motive of changing WordPress Login

Most commonly we do it to save our website or blog from hackers and spam attacks. Creating difficult gateways for hackers enhance our website security and help us to handle hack attempts. It is pretty common to guess standard wordpress login url or login page. Usually people set login page as /administrator /admin /webadmin /webconsole /console and many more but all of them are guessable. By customizing login url, you can add an extra layer of security on your web.

Let’s move on to the process and learn how can we change login url without the help of plugins.

Change WordPress Login without plugins

Changing or customizing login url without plugins is an easy process but you should be very careful while fiddling with codes in website backend. It is always suggested to create a backup before making such changes so that you could restore your previous settings in case you messed up.

Creating custom login page require five simple steps to do.

  • Create a new file on server.
  • Copy the code from your existing wp-login.php file, and then paste it into your new file.
  • Replace each instance of wp-login.php with the new file name. Make sure to choose a strong and hard to guess name. For example once I used “BadGateway” for a client website.
  • Save the file as New-login.php or new login name.php
  • Delete the old wp-login.php file.
  • Login through your new URL.

Isn’t it sounds easy? Well yes it is easy. You can do it in any text editor such as notepad but I would recommend notepad ++ to do this. Notepad++ would help you to make changes easily.

**Note** Make sure to double check all the changes before saving the file.


However, people who don’t know how to create file on server, they can simply create file in their computer and upload it on server by using ftp clients such as filezilla. All you need to do is, connect your website to client and upload your saved file. For help on this you can refer Filezilla Client Tutorial

Change wordpress login with Plugins

If you are not comfortable with codes and looking for an easy way of changing login URL then I would suggest you to install the plugin WPS Hide Login. This is the easiest way for website admins to change wordpress site URL.

  1. Install the pluginwordpress login hide plugin
  2. Click on settings
  3. Scroll down to “Login URL” option and choose the login page according to you.wordpress login hide plugin settings
  4. Hit save and you are done.

Pro SEO Tip: Choose a hard to guess login page rather than using admin, administrator, webadmin, myweb, myblog, console or webconsole.

I hope now you know how to change wordpress login url without the help of plugins and with the help of plugins. I hope now you know how to change wordpress login URL with the help of plugins and doing it without the plugins.

If you still have suggestions or any improvement points which I missed here, then do comment below. I would love to collect the honest feedback and make this information more accurate for readers and people who are curious to know how to change wordpress login URL.

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